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Official site for branded golf clubs and golf balls, and includes dealer locations, media center, and product catalog.
Cobra Golf, Inc.
Makers of Baffler Multi-Metal irons and Gravity Back metal woods, bags and accessories. Site has a dealer locator search engine.
Callaway Golf
Manufactures golf balls and the Big Bertha line of clubs. Site includes virtual tours of the company's factories.
Maxfli Golf
Product information and specifications for Maxfli clubs and balls, with accessories and information on touring pros.
Makers of balls and accessories, with links to retailers and distributors.
Karsten Manufacturing Corp.
Makers of PING golf equipment from drivers to putters, with information regarding clubs, apparel, accessories as well as the history of Ping, its factory and innovations.
MacGregor Golf Company
Makers of Tourney irons and metalwoods, as well as accessories and men's clothing.
Precept Golf / Bridgestone Sports USA
Maker of Precept brand golf equipment, including clubs, balls and accessories.
BlueGolf, LLC.
Produces leaderboard software to allow spectators and players to see up-to-the-minute tournament scores for any golf event.
Carbite Golf
Manufactures Polar Balanced putters, and distributes Daiwa golf equipment in North America.
Focus Golf Systems, Inc.
Makers of Dunlop Golf equipment, including clubs, bags and accessories. Provides information about its product lines, a dealer locator, company news and online product registration.
Tommy Armour Golf
Makes a wide range of golf equipment including clubs, bags, and accessories under the Tommy Armour and Ram brands, as well as TearDrop putters.
Nike Golf
Manufactures and markets woods, irons, putters, balls and accessories.
Blade Golf
Clubmakers featuring the "Copper Cushion" and the "Made for You" custom manufacturing process, as well as Blade TFD 2-piece balls.
Trilogy by John Letters of Scotland
Club manufacturers since 1918, now with a product range which includes irons, woods, putters, wedges and bags.
Golf-a-Round America
Provides golf simulators for tradeshows, private parties, grand openings and other events. Includes simulator features, contests, and client list.
Dimension Z Golf
Manufacturers of golf clubs and accessories, with a list of fitting locations.
Aristocrat Golf of St. Andrews
Sells woods and putters customized with the customer's choice of tartan, as well as plaid headcovers and customized embroidery.
Browning Golf
Makers of Legend and Eclipse branded clubs, as well as bags, balls, and accessories.
Bay Hill by Palmer
Makes an array of golf equipment, including clubs, bags, clothing and accessories. Clubs can be custom made to the golfer's measurements. Includes retail locations in the UK and Europe.
Rawlings Golf
Manufacturers of golf clubs, balls, bags, and accessories.
Honma Golf Direct, Inc.
North American distributor for Honma golf products including woods, irons and accessories.
UK Golf Services Ltd
Manufacturers of clubs, bags, balls and accessories.
Piranha Golf Australia
Manufactures forged irons, putters, bags, shirts, hats and umbrellas.
Golf Technology Far East Ltd.
Innovators in golf club design and Controlled Vision System headgear. Provides information about design concepts and the company's patents.
OptiGolf Real Golf Indoors
Makes golf simulators and interactive home theatre entertainment for sporting and social clubs, entertainment centres and homes. Describes the system, partnership programs and business opportunities.
SGD Golf
Manufacturer and supplier specializing in the miniature golf, driving range, course, and batting range. USA.
Da Lung Corporation
Manufacturer of Rhino Rifle clubs, club components and golf balls, as well as other golf accessories.
Accumade Inc.
Produces tools for the assembly of golf clubs.
Manufactures and designs Australian golf clubs, bags and apparel. Netherlands.
MD Golf
A UK-based manufacturer of a range of clubs, bags and accessories. Includes pictures and descriptions of each product.
NBK Guam
Distributors for Titleist, Cobra, Foot-Joy, Belding, Devant, Texace, E-Z-Go, and Par Aide to Guam and The Northern Mariana Islands.
Playing Pro Golf Co.
Manufacturer of Double X drivers with Double Face technology, 'Unbreakable' tees, headcovers and related components and accessories.
Sky Golf Technologies
Produce a variety of equipment, bags, apparels, accessories, balls, and corporate’ gifts. Hong Kong, China.
Pole-Kat Golf Equipment
Club manufacturer featuring titanium woods and irons, merging metal and low profile woods, balata putters and golf bags.
Top-Flite Golf Co.
Features a full range of balls and Tour Irons, and includes press releases and a directory of dealers worldwide.


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Web Pages
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Taylor Made Golf
Features specifications on golf clubs and other products, a demo day and retailer locator, and staff player information.
Adams Golf
Makes Tight Lies brand woods, irons, and putters.
Ben Hogan
Maker of Apex irons and Ben Hogan Wedges.
Cleveland Golf
Offering a full line of clubs with a classic look and technology. Site provides information on Cleveland's touring pros, news from the company and demo days calendar.
Never Compromise, Inc.
Maker of the putters carrying the corporate name.
U. S. Kids Golf
Manufacturer of golf equipment for juniors.
Simmons Design Group
Offers premier golf club design services by the designer of award winning Alien and Tigershark golf clubs. Lists clubs and products and the clients they have designed products for.
Warrior Custom Golf
Makes a full line of golf clubs, equipment, and accessories including clubs for junior players, and lists information about the company and its products.
Sonartec, Inc.
Manufacturer of golf clubs including patented Driving Cavity titanium drivers, fairway woods and driving irons. Describes the products and includes a mailable/faxable order form.
Square Two Golf
Makes clubs for all golfers, and provides product information, special offers, and links to women's golf sites.
Carbite Golf
Introduced Polar Balanced tungsten weighted putters and features the Tungsten TRi-Weight putters and other models.
Manufacturer of Orlimar woods and irons, featuring the TriMetal designs and brands. Includes product specifications and dealer locator.
Airslot Drivers
Specializes in drivers featuring 360cc forged titanium heads and graphite shafts.
Hog Golf
Manufactures and markets woods, irons, wedges and putters.
Kasco Corporation
Builds and markets drivers and fairway woods.
Dandy Professional Putters
Makes several types of specially balanced putters.
Top shelf, custom-fitted golf clubs.
Louisville Golf Club Company
Makes custom persimmon golf clubs, drivers, fairway woods, putters, irons and replica golf clubs available online, retail and wholesale. Club personalization and corporate logo engraving is available.
Jazz Golf
Manufacturer of irons and clubs available worldwide, and provides a product catalog and list of dealers.
Zevo Golf
Makes and markets woods and irons.
Golf Perfect
Fine-tune your golf clubs or plan new ones with built-in swingweight, swingspeed, clublength, gripsize, shaftflex & adjustment calculators.
Solo Golf
Designs and manufactures clubs based on sophisticated engineering principles, with online ordering capability. Also makes custom logo clubs.
Balance Certified Golf
Offers to help fine tune the fitting process for woods and putters with counter-balancing technology.
Miura Golf Inc.
Designs and manufactures forged clubs, specializing in irons and wedges, and offers custom-fitted clubs.
STX, Inc.
Manufactures and markets the STX putter line.
Olde Master Originals
Offers wooden putters handcrafted from a solid piece of hardwood, as well as walking sticks and plaques. Laser engraving and online ordering are available.
Quality Golf Products
Designs and manufactures Airwood drivers and forged irons. Also repairs clubs and sells sunglasses and a swing trainer.
The Ultimate Putter
Manufacturer of the Signature range and the Ace range Ultimate putters.
Pro Select Sports
Manufacturer of golf equipment featuring Tour Select and Alien brands.
Feel Golf Company
Manufacturers the Feel brand of wedges, woods, putter and accessories.
Green Grass Golf Corp.
Makers of a unique line of metalwoods, irons and putters.
Lange Golf
Makes custom-fitted clubs for women, sold through professionals. Site has tips and instruction for women golfers.
Moon Shot Golf
Sells light weight drivers and golf clubs to players with lower club head speeds using new designs and materials.
EZ Line Putters
Offers a patented putter design featuring double bent shafts.
Guerin Rife Golf Inc.
Produces golf putters using groove technology.
Prairie Golf
Manufacturer of woods, irons, wedges, and putters.
Da-Lung Corp. - Rhino Rifle Golf
Manufactures golf equipment including clubs and club components, similar to major brands.
The World's Most Perfect Putter
Makes a mallet style putter designed to focus the player on the sweet spot of the club.
Giant Golf
Makers of GX2 irons and metalwoods for men, Lady GX2 and Junior Giant lines.
CraftSmith Golf, Inc.
Makers of FairwayCleek, designed to replace lofted fairway woods and hard-to-hit long irons.
Optiongolf Europe
Supplier of golf clubs featuring Mafuta drivers, woods and irons with custom-fitted shafts.
Golf component distributor and supplier of golf components and custom clubs to Canadian and American club builders
Musty Putters
Offers putters made from exotic hardwoods. USA.
The Perfect Club
Makes versatile golf clubs, replacing 3 irons, 4 irons and 7 woods. Endorsed by Peter Kessler.
CrystalSoft Putter - Dauenhauer Glass Co.
Offers hand-crafted, artistic and functional crystal glass putters. Provides pattern options, an overview of the construction process and ordering information.
Golf Putter Models
Supplies a line of putters which use a patented design to achieve forward rolling motion immediately upon striking the ball.
All in One Golf Club
34 golf clubs in 1 telescopic shaft.
Toptier Golf
A Japanese manufacturer of clubs and components from drivers to wedges and putters, and makes ladies' sets.
Reid Lockhart Golf Co.
Manufacturer of golf clubs including a dual bounce sole wedge.
Falcon Golf
Manufacturer of clubs and equipment such as complete sets and individual drivers, putters, wedges, and balls. UK.
The Golf Workshop
A small workshop undertakes custom clubmaking.
Swein Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Makes specialized irons and metalwoods, and supplies clubheads.
Perfect Angle Golf Putters
Manufactures adjustable putters USGA approved for tournament play, allowing a range of clubhead lies to fit the player.
The Way Putters
An adjustable long-shafted putter that can be used with either a conventional long or straight-forward putting stroke.
Honma Golf USA
Authorized U.S. importer, distributor, and reseller of branded clubs and equipment. Wholesale and retail sales.
Precision Made Golf
Manufacturers of brand-name clubs.
New Revolution Golf
Offers clubs made from wavy graphite.
Hangtime Golf, Inc.
Original manufacturer of the 460HT driver, with a 460cc clubhead.
Set Fit Golf
Makers of clubs to help average golfers, focussing on club features that make them easier to hit with. Explains the philosophy behind the designs and other tips.
Montech Golf
Makes True Monty woods and TM 1 irons, with frequency-matched shafts. Provides a schedule of fitting days at courses located in the southwestern USA.
Clutch Golf
Makers of Clutch Irons, specially designed for play from rough and unfavourable lies. Includes news and an online order form.
US Tour Division of International Sports CNS, Inc.
Manufactures clubs in a variety of product styles similar to brand names, from drivers and utility clubs to wedges and putters.
Global Golf
Manufactures custom clone clubs and provides the ability to order online.
Possum Putters
Makes putter crafted with wood like Titoki, Pohutukawa, and Rimu. New Zealand.
Panda Golf Inc.
Makes Jackhammer Drivers, with stainless steel heads and choice of shafts. Orders by email.
Boyd Golf Putters
Makes modern putters with Appalachian hickory shafts.
Golf Tech
Offers golf equipment including Harvey Penick, Browning, Killer Bee, Snake Eyes, and Golfsmith.
Manufactures USGA conforming drivers and specialty metalwoods to fit men, women and seniors.
Paradigm Putters
Specializing in custom golf putters with the heads made of jade, marble, petrified wood and a variety of agate.
Golf Source USA
Assembles clone clubs, with provision for online ordering.
Peace Missile Golf
Makes Peace Missile drivers, Natural Alignment putters and Magic Metal trouble clubs.
George Izett Golf
Club manufacturers and authorized repair center for Tommy Armour and Ram Golf. Located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.
Traditional Golf Equipment, Inc.
Produces custom-forged blade and tour cavity irons. Includes information about specifications, processing and finishes.
Penneagle Golf
Makers of TPD Series putters featuring an Oppositional Weighting System. Includes a dealer locator search engine.
Sadler Golf
Manufacturers of Inugo putters, featuring heel and toe weighting in combination with top weighting to reduce skidding. Online ordering.
DTM Golf Products
CNC machined putters with center-shafted hosels and golf accessories.
Probe Golf
Manufacturer of innovative putter and driver.
Paganica Golf
Makes 'ReadGreenPutter', which provides tools for measuring speed and breaks. Offers distributorship opportunities.
Makers of adjustable, versatile clubs where the blade can be adjusted to accommodate all angles including the putter. One club can play like a half set.
Walkers Club
Makes and sells an adjustable golf club that changes the loft, lie and putter face. USA.
Artemis Golf
Manufactures and sells the Tribar line of putters, in standard, belly and long lengths. Lists features and specifications of their various models.
Active Golf Products UK
Golf club manufacturers in the UK, with innovative custom made products ranging from wedges to drivers and putters.
Lindsay Golf
Makers of putters designed to maximize topspin. Contains information about the science and measurement of putter performance.
Kramski HPP330
Makes precision-balanced putters from a toolmaker in Germany, with an integrated sighting system.
Golf East Day
Specialized in manufacturing golf club and accessories such as tee. China.
Pearl Golf
Manufactures 'wood' clubs and putters from ceramic composite material, and provides an FAQ list and online ordering capability.


Shopping (32)
Web Pages
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EyeLine Golf
USA. Manufacturer of a variety of equipment such as putting plane alignment system, golf metronome, and green reading level. Online order.
Putting Greens Direct
Manufactures, sells, and installs synthetic turfs for practicing a variety of shots from fairway to green.
Synthetic Turf International, LLC
STI makes, distributes and installs five types of synthetic putting surfaces. Describes various formats and provides distributorship information.
Back Nine Golf Putting Greens
Designs and landscapes custom backyard golf putting greens for homes, hotels and resorts.
Trroo Golf
Offers modular adjustable putting greens for indoor practice in a variety of configurations.
United Turf Industries
Distributors of Softrak synthetic grass personal golf putting greens in North America. Includes installation galleries and dealer information.
Provides indoor putting greens. UK.
Makes indoor putting greens.
All Pro Putting Greens
Manufactures and sells synthetic golf putting greens and mats.
Pin High Greens
Artificial greens, available in any size or shape, with multiple holes and plugs enabling the relocation of the pin.
The Green Approach
Nationwide UK suppliers and installation specialists of the SofTrak artificial golf green system, for gardens, golf courses and businesses.
Golfers Choice
Makers of a variety of synthetic putting green turf. USA.
Innovative Golf Technologies
Provides a laser trainer equipment to develop an in-line putting stroke. Information, FAQ and testimonials. Based in Inverurie, Scotland, UK
GolfGreens Systems
Makes synthetic putting greens for indoor or outdoor practice, and describes the surface and planning process and provides a photo gallery.
Advantage Golf Green Systems
Designers and builders of custom short game practice greens and golf courses in California.
Innovative Sports Concepts, LLC
Develops and market innovative golf products, featuring the Wimp-a-Way putting trainer.
Putting Fun
Makes portable putting greens which fold for carrying, includes 3 different sized holes and gravity returns all putts.
Fox and Adams Golf
Makes the Instant Aligner, a putting aid designed to help line up putts while in practice on the greens.
EyeBeam (Asia)
Distributor of the Eyebeam wearable laser training aid for short-game that projects a laser beam line, over the ball to the target.
Accelerated Golf
Manufacturer and direct sales of golf training and practice equipment that improve putting ability.
Tourgreen Golf Greens
Makers of synthetic putting and target greens for home use.


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