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USGA GR: Putting Green Drainage, Drainage, Drainage (Nov 2005)

USGA GR (May 1993): From Broken Shaft to Soil Probe

Sincerbeau - Fertigation.

Snow - Irrigation affects species predominance.

Schwartzkopf - Water effects on turfgrass wear.

Brame - From broken shaft to soil probe.

2001 Turfgrass and Environmental Research - Understanding the Hydrology of Modern Putting Green Construction Methods Ohio State University

2005 Turfgrass and Environmental Research - Improving procedures for testing putting green materials

Irrigation and Its Impact on Turfgrass Diseases

Bentgrass Golf Green Water Characterization - Power Point Presentation

Irrigation Water Quality

Graves - Grey water and green grass.

Irrigation and Its Impact on Turfgrass Diseases

¶Williams - Separation and quantitation of the sources of dew on creeping bentgrass

Soil Moisture Content

Effluent Irrigation - 2 edged sword


Irrigation Association

Necessity of Hand Watering Greens - USGA video

Irrigation & Green Industry

Guerilla Watering

Sprinkler Uniformity Evaluation

Turfgrass Tips Online vol 1(2) - Turf Irrigation: When to Apply Water

USGA GR (Jan 2003): It's All About the Water: Less Irrigation is Better for Golf, the Turf, and the Environment

USGA GR (May 1999): Flood Your Greens - Not Your Bunkers

Skorulski - Putting out the fire: a hose system used to get water out fast.

THE ART OF HANDWATERING by Gary Sayre, CGCS Overlake Golf and Country Club, Washington

Sayre, Art of Hand Watering

For Good Golf and Good Turf –Use Less Water by John A. Zoller Executive Director, Northern California Golf Association

Zoller, For Good Golf and Good Turf –Use Less Water

USGA GR (Jul 1996): Gross - Hand watering greens: there is a correct way.

Oatis - Sometimes less means more. (irrigation)
Hartwiger - A shower a day fills the holes ok. (topdressing)

Carpenter - Wet greens: let's try this first.

Murphy - High pressure water injection and core cultivation of a compacted putting green.

†McLain - Answering the most-asked questions about the golf course pump station.

Syringing & Hand-watering

Drainage / Filtration

Fingered Flow in Laboratory Golf Putting Greens

Turfgrass Tips Online vol 1(7) - Designing a Subsoil Drainage System

USGA GR (Jul 1999): Subsurface Drainage of Modern Putting Greens

Nektarios - Fingered flow in laboratory golf putting greens.

Spomer - Principles of soil preparation for drained golf greens.

USGA GR (Jan 1994): Taylor - Water retention in golf greens: sub-root zone layering effects.

USGA GR (Jul 1994): Wet Greens -- "Let's Try This First"

Nugent - Drainage--the sometimes forgotten necessity.

2001 Turfgrass and Environmental Research - Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Study Colorado State University
2001 Turfgrass and Environmental Research - Effect of Rootzone Material and Depth on Moisture Retention Problems in Undulating USGA Putting Greens Michigan State University

Spomer - Golf green soil amendment: controlling soil water and aeration.

Gross - Suck-cess. (vacuuming rain water)

‡Practical Drainage: Golf, Sportsturf and Horticulture

Taylor - Measuring water infiltration rates of sports turf areas.

Prettyman - Subsurface drainage of modern putting greens.

Taylor - Sub-root zone layering effects on water retention in sports turf soil profiles.

Compaction & Drainage

White - The best turf tips of 1985. II. Flushing drains and brushing greens


Smith - Drought emergency planning: Philadelphia Association of Golf Course Superintendents responds.

Drought Monitor

GCSAA -- Drought Resource Center
Dry Spots

Dry Spot Wilt / Hot Spots

Necessity of Hand Watering Greens - USGA video

TurfFax May-Jun 1999 - Localized Dry Spots

Turfgrass Tips Online vol 1(4) - Localized Dry Spots Require Special Attention

Karnok - Effects of flutolanil fungicide and primer wetting agent on water-repellent soil.

Karnok - High pH treatments and the alleviation of soil hydrophobicity on golf greens.

York - Water repellent soils as they occur on UK golf greens.
Cisar - The occurrence and alleviation by surfactants of soil-water repellency on sand-based turfgrass systems.
Kostka - Amelioration of water repellency in highly managed soils and the enhancement of turfgrass performance through the systematic application of surfactants.

Hudson - Organic matter comparison of wettable and nonwettable soils from bentgrass sand greens.


Sincerbeau - Fertigation.