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Auburn U Turfgrass Management - Extension

California Turfgrass Culture Index

U California Riverside Turfgrass Research Advisory Council

U California Riverside Better Turf thru Agronomics

Clemson U Turfgrass Program

Cornell Turfgrass Information Center

Turfgrass Science at the U of Florida

U of Florida, Florida Turf

U Georgia Turfgrass

U of Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI)

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PACE Turfgrass Research Institute

Penn State Center for Turfgrass Science

Purdue golf course serves as research lab

Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management

Texas A&M - Dallas / Turfgrass

Texas A&M U Soil & Crop Sciences | Extension Service
Texas A&M U Soil And Crop Sciences - Turf Soil Lab

Virginia Tech Turfgrass Science

Turfgrass Disease Diagnostic Lab - U Wisconsin


BIGGA - Educational Training Providers
Stebbins & Associates -
The Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG)
The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC)
Askham Bryan College: Courses: Horticulture
Brooksby College - Horticulture
Elmwood College (Scotland) - Golf Studies
Elmwood College (Scotland) - Greenkeeping
Elmwood College (Scotland) - Golf Management
Golf Course Management at Cannington College
Greenmount College (Ireland) - National Diploma in Greenkeeping & Sporsturf
Greens of Scotland - Scottish Agricultural College
Hadlow College - Sports Turf
Hartpury College - Greenkeeping / Sport Turf
Merrist Wood College - Golf Studies
Merrist Wood College - Green Keeping
Plumpton College - Greenkeeping & Sports Turf
Reaseheath College - Greenkeeping and Sports Turf
Welsh College Of Horticulture
West Anglia College - C&G NVQ 3 Decorative Horticulture/Golf
West Anglia College - C&G NVQ 2 Greenkeeping/Sport Turf Management
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M. C. Engelke
A.J. Turgeon

Douglas Hawes

Grady L. Miller

Lawrence E. Datnoff

Wayne Kussow

J. Bryan Unruh

S. Bruce Martin

Sahalee Country Club

Ed Seay Interview - Palmer Design
Charles Ankrom Interview - Drainage
Golf Course Design - Ron Kern

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Journal Sportsturf - October 2001

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‡Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping
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‡Turf Management for Golf Courses: 2nd Edition
‡Golf Greens and Green-Keeping
‡Mathematics of Turfgrass Maintenance: Third Edition, The
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