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Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone:
Optimal Putting: Brain Science, Instincts, and
The Four Skills of Putting

A New Paradigm
for Putting in the 21st Century

282-pages in full color, lavishly illustrated
-- the best putting instruction book in golf history.
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"'Optimal Putting' is a magnificent contribution to the game itself not just putting. Geoff Mangum's ability to distill information and extensive research into a readable and digestable format is outstanding. For me personally, the information on brain science is gold dust. If you are a serious student or teacher of the game this book NEEDS to be part of your collection." -- Dr Karl Morris, leading Golf Psychologist,
"I have enjoyed your book very much. It's packed with great information!" -- Scott Fossum, PGA, Charlotte NC
"Geoff, I have started your book Optimal Putting and am very impressed with not only the content -- I knew it would be superior, but the quality of the printing of the book i.e., print, paper, pictures, jacket, and cover. Absolutely first class." -- Dr. Jim Payne
"Dear Geoff, Your book arrived the other day and I have been avidly reading it ever since! Congratulations on producing not only a magnificent instruction book, but a first class piece of literature in its own right. It is a joy to read and you deserve great credit for producing such a gem. Kind regards" -- Dr David Shlosberg

"Dear Geoff, Thank you for the extensive material assembled in this ebook. I'm involved in teaching coaches in Austria and also serve as a medical professional for the national junior's team. I was amazed by the matierial I found on neuroscience on your webpage and I'm looking forward to reading the ebook." -- Ernst B. Zwick, MD Paediatric Orthopaedic Unit Department of Paediatric Sugery Medical University of Graz Auenbruggerpl. 34, 8036 Graz Austria

Optimal Putting Table of Contents

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(Expanded Table of Contents -- click here)

Acknowledgement. xi

Preface. xii

Chapter 1: The "Mechanics Of Instinct". 1

Chapter 2: The Brain And Movement In Space. 22

Chapter 3: Distance Control Theory. 41

Chapter 4: Distance Control Praxis. 72

Chapter 5: Straight Strokes. 104

Chapter 6: Aiming Accurately. 134

Chapter 7: Reading The Putt For Target. 157

Chapter 8: Putting Routine. 179

Chapter 9: Synthesis Of The Four Skills. 192

Chapter 10: Drills For Putting Skills. 195

Appendix A: Bibliography Of Putting 1880-2000. 209

Appendix B: Puttingzone Academies & Coaches. 235

Appendix C: About Geoff Mangum. 245

Appendix D: Puttingzone Opportunities. 249

Appendix E: Friends Of The Puttingzone. 255

Index. 258

Colophon. 271

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