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Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone

40-45% of the Game of Golf — combining the best golf lore in history with modern

neuroscience for instinctive perceptual and movement processes in putting.

"Every golfer needs four skills every putt."


1. Read the putt for target

Find correct orientation of straight uphill "fallline"

at hole perceiving highest point on rim (6-12

on clock) plus level left-right axis of tilt (3-9 line);

use consistent delivery speed to see final 1 meter

of the curve into the hole given fall-line (see #4);

retrace final curve back out and follow all the way

to the ball; extend tangent at ball straight back to

the fall-line for target spot; use fall-line target spot

as 2nd "hole" for straight putt with right touch

(same delivery speed to imaginary hole as used to

read putt into real hole); commit to imaginary line

and distance for usual delivery into 2nd "hole."

2. Aim straight at target "hole" on fall-line

Stand behind the ball and use shaft as visual

ruler to "connect the dots" of ball and target; see

spot along shaft edge in front of ball 5-6"; walk

to ball and aim putter face thru center of ball at

aiming spot in front; setup to aimed putter face

with good posture; align neck / throat line parallel

to leading edge of putter face, automatically

aligning shoulder frame parallel (see #3); settle

other joint pairs and stance in comfort and balance

keeping shoulders aligned; "face" ball and

look where face aims; turn head like an apple on

a stick to "face" & learn where putter face aims.


3. Putt straight where the putter face aims

Setup to aimed putter by "walking" naturally

hanging hands and arms out to waiting putter

handle without "reaching out" to handle or changing

aim or flatness of sole on surface; set throat

line from center of chin to top of sternum to parallel

top edge of putter face; test distance back from

ball, allowing rear hand to swing free, as only

"sideways" swing is neutral whereas hand’s swing

to thigh or nose is too far back or close; anchor

lead hip for backstroke; perform last "touch"

look at target (see #4); "join in" on-going internal

sense of swinging back & thru, shoving putter sole

back & up with lead shoulder into swing, keeping

"triangle" form (2-3 muscle tone on scale of

1-10) with dead hands / arms "riding" swing; stop

/ hold neck line still at midline in thru-stroke once

torso resquares itself; allow putter to define own

forward trajectory with momentum moving lead

shoulder vertically upwards from ball of lead foot.

4. Putt with the usual tempo and touch

Internalize sense of green speed using practice

green "core putt" (2 balls putted same distance

with same backstroke size & downstroke tempo

to allow green to show how your stroke, putter,

ball, & tempo work on today’s surface) to register

& calibrate usual backstroke-force relations

with your tempo; perceive adjustment to exact

speed on green on course plus uphill / downhill

effect(s); setup with neck / throat (see #2 & 3); rotate

face & head (like an "apple on a stick" of neck

axis thru top of head) down target line to second

"hole" as if watching a perfect putt with realtime

motion, achieving correct neck angle from

ball to target, teaching body "here" & "there" for

instinctive stroke size; rotate face back to ball; allow

balance / vision to settle; "jump in" ongoing

tempo swinging by starting putter back instinctively;

allow instincts to "size" top of backstroke;

stay with usual downstroke timing.

With sense of green speed, roll face to & back from target, make an instinctive backstroke & hold

still. Look, pull the trigger with backstroke timing, do nothing. Stroke itself goes straight.

Read, aim, putt straight at target with good touch — INSTINCTIVELY


"Once I start the putter back, it seems the stroke completes itself."

-- Ben Crenshaw summarizing his stroke after 35 years of experience.


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