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"You have great putting tips, especially the ones about the gaze. Let's meet and work together when I play Charlotte in May [2003]. I know if I can just get my putting improved, I can break through and win."
["Everyone remembers my seven iron, but my putter won me the PGA Championship [July 2003]."]

Shaun Micheel
PGA Tour player
2003 PGA Champion (July 2003)

"Hello Geoff, I am an R&D Analyst at TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company. I work (almost) exclusively on the research of putting, and the development of our Rossa line of putters. I am in charge of our Rossa MATT system and spend my days thinking about putters and putting. I enjoy reading your articles, research, and forum on the site. I thank you for hosting such a great place for everyone to talk and learn about putting."

Duane Anderson
TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company
5545 Fermi Court
Carlsbad, CA 92008

"Geoff is the most authoritative, comprehensive and enthusiastic student and instructor of the game of putting that I have come across."

Damon Lucas
Australian pro champion
Director of Instruction
Chestnut Ridge Country Club
Lutherville, Maryland

"I was blown away! If you ever have the chance to take putting instruction from Geoff, DO NOT PASS IT UP!"

Eddie Cox
PGA pro
Director of Golf
Tot Hill Farm GC, Asheboro NC

"Geoff Mangum is a genius in putting instruction. After two short lessons, I've never putted better in my life."

Rick Murphy
Director & Owner, Carolina Golf Academy
Greensboro, NC
President, Carolinas Section, PGA of America
2001 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year
1993 Spalding National Teacher of the Year
2005-06 Golf Magazine Best Teachers in the Southeast
2005-06 Golf Digest Best Teachers in NC

"Geoff, I want to sincerely thank you for coming to Rock Barn and teaching me today. I was overwhelmed with how much knowledge and experience you bring to your lessons on all of the various topics we covered today. It was by far the best golf lesson of any type that I have ever received. This truly was the most fun and enlightening day I believe I have ever had in thirty-five years of playing golf, and I am so looking forward to what it will do for my overall golf game."

Mike Thurston, PGA Professional
Hampton Heights Golf Club
Hickory, NC

"Geoff has more knowledge and expertise about putting than any other person that I know. He is an outstanding teacher and his philosophy is backed with an enormous amount of research. He's definitely at the top of the class."

Robert Linville
Robert Linville's Precision Golf School
Golf Coach -- Greensboro College
1993 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year
1999 & 2000 NCAA Division III National Coach of the Year
2000 US Coach in US-Japan Collegiate Team Matches

"Geoff knows more about putting that any one I know. His knowledge and dedication to studying putting are second to none."

Tim Sheredy
Senior Instructor
David Leadbetter Golf Academy
Bradenton FL

"I personally enjoyed your presentation to the European PGA Teaching Conference very much. I learned a lot."

Stefan Quirmbach
President, PGA of Germany

"Wonderfully creative!"

Rainer Mund
Coach, German National Team

"Your putting instruction is absolutely fantastic -- I've been teaching and playing for over 40 years and I've never heard any of it. It's completely different from everything I've ever learned, but it is amazingly simple and effective. Great stuff!"

Tim Parker
Head Pro, Gut Waldorf Golf Club
Hamburg, Germany

"I highly recommend visiting Geoff Mangum's website if you're interested in studying and then dissecting putting theory. There's a lot of information, a lot of experience and Geoff will even answer questions you may have. The Putting Zone is an encyclopedia of putting. He has more in depth treatment of putting aids and putters than Golf Today Magazine would be able to cover in six months."

Leith Anderson
California Golf Technologies
Palo Alto CA

Hello, I was looking through your website and I have to say it is great! Very easy to navigate and quick loading. In fact, I liked it so much I would like the designers that did yours to do mine. Who designed this great website? Thanks for your time.

-- Rick Baron (answer: me, myself, and I, and two fingers named Sam and Dave ... :-))

Keep 'em coming. Your articles are well appreciated.

-- Joseph Hallett, PGADear


Your site is absolutely great!!

-- Bob Montello
Next Level Golf School

Hi Geoff Just had to email you to say thanks very much for writing your "Putting Manual" and making it available to the whole world! After reading your manual I have improved from an average of 39 putts a round to 33 in just three weeks, my confidence on long putts has grown enormously, and I now look forward to long putts rather than stepping up to the putt with trepidation. This is with the same amount of time spent practicing -- about one-half hour putting once a week. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Best regards

-- Nick Simpson Managing Director Excalibur Group Of Companies 1 Nobel Square Burnt Mills Industrial Estate Basildon Essex SS13 1LS United Kingdom

Geez, Geoff...your Greenkeeping section is damn good. I'll forward it to our Web guru, Frank Andorka, for a review and plug. Best...

-- Pat Jones
Publisher/Editorial Director
Golfdom Magazine

Wow! Your long answer scared me.

-- Alan

Thanks for another great answer Geoff. Boy, you sure know your physics and biology! I wouldn't be surprised if you were among the top 10 most knowledgeable people in the U.S., with regards to putting. Speaking of great websites, yours isn't too shoddy either!

-- Brendan

Dear Geoff,

I just wanted to drop you a note and introduce myself to you. I am Dr. Robert Winters of Orlando, Florida and I am pleased to visit and read your fine website. I am the Resident Sport Psychologist for the David Leadbetter World Teaching Headquarters here in Orlando and as I think you know, have been the NBC Mental Game consultant since 1995. (affilitated with of which you have printed articles as well). I have enjoyed reading your articles and going through your website. I particularly want to thank you personally for being so thorough with your book and audio reviews. I just wanted to let you know as someone who has spent 28 years in every bit of putting research that your efforts are to be congratulated and that I believe you are doing a very nice job. I look forward to the day that you and I will meet and discuss some of the newest information that we are developing in the science and art of putting. I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Yours in great golf and friendship,

-- Dr. Robert K. Winters

We've chatted before and I just wanted to say hello, but more importantly to tell you that every time I drop by your website, I'm amazed by the wonderful information and resources that you provide. It's a fascinating and incredible website!

-- Larry Stanley

I would like to thank you for you rapid response to my question. The information will really help me with my project. Its great that someone like you is available to help people with these projects.

-- Marc Fillmore
Wabasha MN, 8th grade

Just a quickie to say what a great site the Putting Zone is!

-- David Bargna

Thanks for a fine site. As an MIT educated civil engineer I am always impressed with your discussions. Thanks for the fine work and let us know when we can look for the book.. Best of luck. Happy Mardi Gras

-- David P. Sauls

Your website is very comprehensive and informative. Also many thanks for linking my websites through your page and the subscription to the greenkeeper-info newsletter. best regards

-- Andreas Heising Pulheim/ Cologne Germany

Nice site.

-- Al Turgeon, Penn State Turfgrass Science Center

Our readers love your putting articles. Thanks.

-- Cindi Czaja
Instruction Editor

I was web surfing today and came across your terrific putting zone site. I want to thank you for hosting such a terrific website --- which I immediately forwarded to my best buddies.

-- Jeff Sachs
Denver CO

I must say that your site is quite impressive.

-- Carrie
Dandy Golf

I'm interested in receiving all your free stuff files. Great web site!

-- William J. Gothard, Commander
USASOC Science and Technology Systems
Ft. Bragg NC

You have so many things on your site, that I just got to your personal putting aids. I admit, I had thought of a few like using textbooks for putting rails, but the sheer volume and helpful items you have put together is a stroke of genius. Congratulations. Clearly, I think your site is of tremendous value, and wish to share with others.

-- Jeff Jennings, Spartanburg SC

I very much enjoyed visiting your site.

-- Michael J. Cohen, M.D., President,

Thanks for coming and sharing your knowledge and your time. I learned a lot.

-- Steve Conley, Head Coach, Methodist College Golf Team

Please send us your research database. Thanks.

-- Ed Brown
Karsten Manufacturing
Ping Putters
Engineering Dept.

[on "reading grain"] ...
Geoff, absolutely the best explanation I've ever seen! Maybe some TV commentators will read your explanation and LEARN something. Thank you for sharing.

-- 3putt

Thank you for appearing on Golfing Alabama this week. I thought the topic was interesting and different [putter fitting]. I have bookmarked the site and I plan to visit often.

-- "SPUD"
Mark H. Friedman
host: Golfing Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama

Hi! I don't golf yet and you have a killer website. Just poking around with a buddy over a brew and I wanted to salute your emphasis on using the brain. Your philosophy and coaching acumen strike a vibrant and resonant chord with me because I teach guitar repair and I believe in confronting the students to check in with themselves and engage rigorously with the most potent tool they have carried around with themselves 24/7. So who knows I may just try the art of golfing at some point in the not too distant future. And yes two heads are always better than one so thanks for your most valuable and deep insights into the awesome power of GREY MATTER.

-- Miles Jones, FRET WORKS

Keep up the good work on the website... Love it, it's on my favorites... Thanks.

-- Tommy

Geoff, I downloaded the "book" last nite, began to read it, study it, underline and putted between readings. I hope that I'll have the opportunity today to putt at Stoney Creek.Thanks, Geoff, stay in touch and email/call with updates and other ideas/thoughts/writings on the putting concept...I'm a BELIEVER! Cordially,

-- Bill William C. Sutton, Principal
Sutton Consulting

You certainly know your stuff!

-- Dr. Robert Christina
Dean, School of Health & Human Performance
PGA National Lecturer

I love your work! I believe it is helping me greatly. I had an outrageous case of the yips which your thoughts are helping me to overcome. That would be miraculous and wonderful. I believe it will happen.

-- Douglas Fried

Great site! Very useful.

-- Mike Sitterville

Great site. I've only started to go thru it, and I can see it's going to be very helpful.

-- Don Ralph, Dayton TN

Wow, what a website. I came across it while visiting Pelz's forum looking for more insight into the art of putting. I've started using some of your tips - love the "Report Card" game, I try to use that every week.

-- Ed Lim

I have been following your tips for a while, and I think they're helping me. You are a brilliant technical writer. . . Keep up the good work, I will keep spreading the word about your work.

-- Jamie

Thank you very much for your reply. That was very nice of you to provide so much information.

-- Kim

Thanks so much for the help. Your website is such an interesting place to visit. Great job!

-- Jerry

I find your putting stuff great info, please email all that you can on this page. Thanks

-- Mike

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I did take some of your recommendations on line and bought the book Lights Out Putting. Half way through and it is great.

-- Pat Riddle, Sports Show Host
Portland OR

Dear Geoff, Thankyou for all the information you provided me with regard to putting and the yips. It was a great help. The thesis identified some interesting concepts which has me considerering doing a masters and/or PHD in that area.  Your web site and newsletter are looking fantastic, you've done a great job. I'll look forward to seeing more of your work.

-- David Barker, Australia

Hi Geoff, Just wanted to say thanks for the great info. I just happened to come across your information on a website called IndyGolf. I was trying to learn more about the plumb-bob method. After reading your take I followed on to your putting section and feel I have come away with some great information that I was unsuccessful in obtaining elsewhere on the net. Your style of writing is very easy to follow and more comprehensive than most. My experience is that most others fall short of a complete explanation. The great news is that this led me to your Puttingzone website and I can't wait to explore the information. Thanks again,

-- Chris Sullivan Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Geoff: I read with great interest your research directory and would ask you kindly to email the full research information database, if possible. This is great stuff and information every golfer should have. Good work. All the very best,

-- Dean Sparkman

Hi Geoff Last week I had a chance to try your zero break concept. On #8 on MacCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, I had a 40 footer, on a green sloped somewhat greater than 3%. I used the basics you recommended, and left it 2" from the cup! I never would have played so much break before. I declared to my partners in advance what I was attempting to do and then, I did it!! Thanks for the great tip. Regards

-- Aarno Hassell
Paradise Valley, AZ

I read your piece on the core putt at several weeks ago. This is the best golf instruction that I have ever seen. I won't bore you with details but I will say that I have gone from being mediocre (lots of 3 putts, few one putts) to great almost overnight. Your advice took the "hit and hope" out of my game and replaced it with a lovely, unforced stroke. The slow tempo you gave me in my putting has magically shown up in my chipping and short pitches. My index has dropped from 11.1 to 9.5 and it is going lower. My last two rounds have been 76 (personal course record) and 79 AND I didn't really hit the ball very well. Thank you!

-- Bill Creech

I downloaded your putting tip "THE CORE PUTT" and was very pleased with the information. I tried the theory out and it sure helped my putting game today. I had been pulling even short putts to the left and I also think that I had the YIPS! Today, I putted much better than I did friday. I lean more towards the theory of things and have been thoroghly engrossed in your web pages. I find them facinating and they are the most extensive I have ever seen anywhere bar none. Please accept my congratulations and thanks for doing this important item for the good of the golf game. You are truly dedicated. Thanks again.. I'll correspond with you again as things improve. Also, thanks for sending the E-mail downloads I requested earlier. I have read some of your information and am very impressed. The info is the best I have seen, bar-none. I wanted to to tell you how much I appreciated your fast response. The information you have put together is nothing short tremendous. You have obviously put a lot of sweat and your heart into this project and it shows. I am still wading through the bibliography and am amazed at the info in it. Keep up the great work. Cheers and good putting!!!

-- Jim Eno

You've got a great site. I think it fills a huge gap of accessible information on the HOW-TO of putting.

-- John Waine Inner Game Coach,

Hi Geoff! Thank you for a wonderful homepage loaded with great info! I glean much there ... Thank you for your prompt response to my request for help with my pulls. I have tried some of the advice...the one time Ive been out since I wrote and am seeing some improvement. I really appreciate your taking the time to get back to me. I will tell others of your site. Thank you for a wonderful website loaded with great info!

-- Gil Mann, Minneapolis

You've done an excellent job and the PuttingZone is now one of my favorites. I like the way that you have addressed putting from all aspects, feel, science, as well as a great appreciation for the masters of putting. I have approached using the driver much in the same way. I will include your website in my daily purview of the Internet and hopefully will have something beneficial to add to your forum area.

-- Dennis Le Fave, Georgia

Keep up the good work, Geoff. Your dedication and love of the game are obvious and infectious.

-- Jamie Blow

Hello! Just found your page. Interesting stuff.

-- Al

Great site! Very useful.

-- Mike

Your Newsletter sure has a lot in it!

-- Esther, Singapore National CC

You are the best!

-- Guy Fogel


-- John Schag
Publisher, The Tobacco Times
The South's Cigar and Pipe Newspaper


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