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WWI Propoganda (9 mins.)

WWI Army ambulance arriving with casualties at an American field hospital (21 secs.)

WWI Ace Wolfgang von Kellermann, Der Ostwind (the East Wind), 2006 movie trailer (1 min. 33 secs.)

WWI Brothers in Arms: Dire Straits of WWI (7 mins.)

WWI Film in WWI (15 mins. 49 secs.)

WWI Versailles Treaty at End of War 1919 (2 mins. 10 secs.)


WWII Looney Tunes Propaganda: The Ducktators (7+ mins.)

WWII US Office of War Information and Department of the Army, Why We Fight 1942 (50 mins.)

WWII Carrier OPS (5 mins.)

WWII 14th Air Force China Flying Tigers (40 mins.)

WWII US Navy, To the Shores of Iwo Jima (30 mins. 19 secs.)

WWII Dogfight over Guadalcanal (46 mins.)

WWII US Army Air Forces, Wings for This Man (Tuskeegee Airmen) ca. 1943 (53 mins.)

WWII National Archives, War in the Pacific, including Japanese propoganda film (1 hr.)

WWII George Reeves in Last Will & Testament of Tom Smith 1945 (re Japanese prisoner 1943) (10 mins. 38 secs.)

WWII US War Dept, The Last Bomb (36 mins. 20 secs.)

WWII National Archives, Roosevelt Meets Middle East Kings, McArthur Frees Manila (12 mins. 20 secs.)

WWII Harry Morgan (Dragnet, MASH) jitterbugging to Glenn Miller Band in 1942 movie (1 min.)


WWIII Korean War, Natl Archives, The Air Force Story (Summer 1950) (30 mins.)

WWIII US Dept of Defense Red Nightmare, propoganda with Jack Webb 1950s (29 mins.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Origins in pre-WWII French Colonialism, post-WWII Cold War, Tet Offensive (17 mins.)

WWIII Racial War and Riots: Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" Speech, Washington DC Aug. 28, 1963 (17 min.)

WWIII NYC War on Poverty early 1960s (48 mins.)

WWIII Why Viet-Nam, Training Film - WWII roots of Vietnam War (31 mins.)

WWIII Racial War and Riots 1960s (Black Panthers, etc.) (18 mins. 14 secs.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Secrets of War - Special Operations (52 mins.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Tet Offensive, Jan. 31, 1968 (2 mins. 40 secs.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Cockpit View of Bombing Run against VC Ground Forces (8 mins.)

WWIII Racial War and Riots: Assasination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Apr. 4, 1968 (3 mins.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Air War North, bombing North Vietnam 1968, CBC Television (2 mins. 42 secs.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Easy Drugs, CBC Television (4 mins.)

WWIII Vietnam War - Fall of Saigon, Apr 30, 1975 (3 mins.)

WWII Vietnam War - VV's visit to Saigon War Remnants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City, 2004 (5 mins.)


WWIV Middle East Oil Wars 1914-1923, Blood and Oil movie trailer (1 min.)

WWIV Origin of Arab-Jewish Struggles with British Diplomatic Double-dealing in Middle East, History Channle (50 mins.)

WWIV War and Democracy in the Ancient and Contemporary Middle East, UC Santa Cruz Jewish Studies (1 hr. 17 mins.)

WWIV PBS: People and The Land: The Story of a People Under Occupation (Palestinian plight) (57 mins.)

WWIV Soviet-Afghan War 1962-1982 (Invasion 1979) (36 mins.)

WWIV Six Days Way 1967, Israel vs Egypt, Jordan and Syria (3 mins.)

WWIV 1972 Munich Olympics Arab Terrorists (3 mins.)

WWIV Yom Kippur War 1973, Egypt and Syria vs Israel (1 min. 9 secs.)

WWIV Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 (37 mins.)

WWIV Bosnian War 1991-1995: Collapse of Sivet Empire and Emergence of Ethnic Wars (1 hr. 6 mins.)

WWIV Bostian War 1991-1995: Kill and Expel - War crimes against Croatins/Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1 hr. 10 mins.)

WWIV Air Force Public Affairs, US Army Disarming Victims of Ethnic Cleansing, Bosnia (1 min. 17 secs.)

WWIV BBC: The Power of Nightmares (part 1), the Cold War roots of Islamic Extremism (1 hr.)

WWIV BBC: The Power of Nightmares (part 2), US and Afghan Muhijadeen vs Soviets (1 hr.)

WWIV Jihad: A History (part 1 of 4) - Islamist extremism (9 mins.)

WWIV Jihad: A History (part 2 of 4) - Islamist extremism (6 mins.)

WWIV Jihad: A History (part 3 of 4) - Islamist extremism (11 mins.)

WWIV Jihad: A History (part 4 of 4) - Islamist extremism (9 mins.)

WWIV Persian Gulf War: Beginning Aug. 1990 - Jan. 1991 (3 mins.)

WWIV Gulf War, National Archives, Desert Storm, Cockpit footage bombing raids (29 mins. 23 secs.)

WWIV Gulf War II: CNN's Walter Rogers embedded with 7th Cavalry, headed to Baghdad (4 mins. 40 secs.)

WWIV Gulf War II: Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War ( & Robert Greenwald film) (58 mins.)

WWIV Canadian-Afghanistan War after Sep. 11, 2001 (7 mins.)

WWIV US-Iraq & US-Afghanistan Wars - Predator AC130 "Highway to Hell" footage (7 mins. 43 secs.)

WWIV US-Afghanistan War: Unit ops slideshow and video footage (16 mins. 30 secs.)

WWIV Marc Lynch, Voices of the New Arab Public: Iraq, Al-Jazeera, and Middle East Politics Today, World Affairs Council (56 mins.)


Frank Dorrel - What I've Learned about US Foreign Policy - War on the Third World (10 parts) (2 hrs.)

Bob Dylan - Masters of War (1963) in 2006 JJ Barney anti-Iraq War video (7 mins.)

Bob Dylan - Eddie Vedder sings Masters of War (1963) in anti-WWII video (11 mins.)

Down Child - War, strife and fear to the music of John Lee Hooker (3 mins.)

David Childers and The Modern Don Juans - "Danse Macabre", Milestone Club, Charlotte NC Feb 2006 (3 mins. 45 secs.

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