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For immediate release: 29 September 2008
Contact: Geoff Mangum (336) 340-9079

Andy Thompson, PuttingZone Coach, Discusses his Totally Driven Golf Program on the Golf Smarter Podcast for 23 September 2008


Greensboro NC -- Andy Thompson, owner of Totally Driven Golf in Oakdale / St Paul Minnesota and a certified putting coach with Geoff Mangum’s PuttingZone.com, was recently interviewed on Fred Greene’s Golf Smarter program in a half-hour podcast.

In the podcast – which can be played from the Golf Smarter website or downloaded from iTunes -- Andy explains the unique concept of his golf business at Totally Driven, his involvement and experience with Geoff Mangum’s PuttingZone instruction, and his use of the David Edel Putter Fitting System.

PuttingZone -- Thompson said he constantly researches to find the best people, products and services in golf to incorporate into his Totally Driven program. He described Geoff Mangum’s PuttingZone instruction as the best available in golf by far, as a total system completely backed up with proven science for reading putts, aiming, stroke control, and distance control. This summer, he and Lynn Anderson completed two days’ training with Geoff Mangum and became certified PuttingZone instructors, offering PuttingZone instructional programs and services.

Edel Golf -- Thompson said the Edel Putter Fitting System and the exclusive hand-crafted Edel putters offered over 20 million combinations of putter design features for custom fitting, including the Veri-Loft technology for interchangeable lofts, and is reknowned for the ability to help golfers improve their aiming skills by matching putter shapes and features to correct biases.

Totally Driven Golf -- Thompson said, “Totally Driven Golf is ‘the Ultimate Improvement Center’ in the sense that our partners provide under one roof a full array of golf services to help golfers play and enjoy the game at their highest level – all aspects of golf instruction, personalized club fitting and club making and repair services, plus golf fitness programs. We strive to provide golfers with the best available information, products, equipment, and services according to an honest assessment of their individual goals and needs.” Lynn Anderson, former LPGA player, acts as lead golf instructor and coordinator of the golf fitness programs, while Jon Weedman handles club making and repair servcices. Andy Thompson specializes in putting instruction, club and putter fitting, and some full-swing instruction.

Specialized services at Totally Driven Golf include

  • the Ultimate Golf Analysis (swing, equipment, fitness),
  • the Titleist Performance Institute golf conditioning training,
  • the K-Vest biomechanics technology for testing, evaluation, and training,
  • the DISC Profile System for the Mental Golf Workshop,
  • the club-fitting technologies of MaxOut Golf, Golf Ball Selector, SST Pure, Mitchell, Accusport Vector, Zelocity, SAM Putt, and the David Edel putter fitting system, and more.

The facility includes hitting bays, putting area, fitness areas, club fitting areas, and more for individual lessons, club fitting, fitness, and indoor practice time. The teachers are affiliated with several local golf courses for on-course instruction.

Totally Driven
434 Hayward Avenue North
Oakdale, Minnesota 55128

Tel: (651) 578-0501
Fax: (651) 578-0551


About Geoff Mangum and the PuttingZone:

Geoff Mangum is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable putting coach in the world and has spent twenty years studying and coaching putting to amateurs and professionals on all tours. The PuttingZone community includes seven international Acadamies and over 40 certified coaches in Canada, the United States, England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Mangum combines the best putting lore with modern neuroscience for human perception and movement in putting’s four skills -- reading, aiming, stroking, and controlling distance. The result is a permanent and dramatic increase in putting competence and the added confidence that comes with real skill. His new book Optimal Putting: Brain Science, Instincts, and the Four Skills of Putting was recently debuted to rave reviews at the January 2008 PGA Merchandise Show. For more information, visit Geoff Mangum’s PuttingZone.com, 518 Woodlawn Avenue, Greensboro NC 27401, email him at geoff@puttingzone.com, or call him directly at (336) 340-9079.

About Andy Thompson and Totally Driven Golf:

Andy Thompson and partners Lynn Anderson and Jon Weedman founded Totally Driven Golf in 2004 in the Minneapolis / St Paul Minnesota area to provide golfers with the “Ultimate Golf Improvement Center” for equipment, instruction and fitness under one roof, offering the best technology, products, programs, and instruction in golf. For further information, contact Andy at Totally Driven, 434 Hayward Avenue North, Oakdale, Minnesota 55128, Tel: 651.578.0501, or email him at andy@totallydriven.com.

About Edel Golf:

David Edel is a PGA professional, former player, and artist who is known throughout golf as the creator of the best putter fitting system available and as a designer of exquisite handcrafted putters with a number of the most advanced performance features in putter design. Each Edel Golf putter is designed specifically for the individual golfer after careful analysis of the player’s unique performance dynamics. The Edel Studio and Workshop is located near Reedsport, Oregon, along the banks of the tranquil Umpqua River. For more information, contact David Edel at (541) 271-0812 or david@edelgolf.com.


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