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Current local time in Helsinki Finland

The European Challenge Tour stops outside Helsinki for the Talma Finnish Challenge, at Golf Club Talma, 35 km northeast at Uusimaa. Finland, on the Baltic penninsula that includes Sweden and Norway, lies just north of St Petersburg, Russia, and across the sea from Estonia. Santa Claus lives in a cave in Finland on the Artic Circle in Lapland. There are over 50 golf courses in Finland! This country is VERY Internet savvy.

The frozen sea on the Gulf of Finland at Helsinki.


Turku, Finland
West Coast


Midnight Sun, North Cape

Sibelius Monument

Talma Golf Club, 35 km north of Helsinki

The Brown Bear, Finland's National Animal.

Sauna -- there are almost as many
sauna huts as there are Finns!


Aurora Borealis, the great Northern Lights, are a huge attraction in Finland.

The Blue House at Moomin Park, a craze for the Moomin Trolls that rivals Mickey and Donald and Goofy!


The Big Moominmomma - Finland's President Tarja Halonen




The Christmas Blessing and Prayer for Peace at Turku, sort of the combo "Guy Lombardo / Papal Blessing" event for Christmas broadcast throughout Europe.

Ferries - Floating Taxfree Malls

The Lapp of Luxury


Great Grey Owl of the Finnish Forests


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