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Macau - Monte Carlo of the Orient - South China Sea Pirates, Portugese Heritage, Dragon Boat Races, Fireworks, Grand Prix ...

The Asian Tour stops in Macau in June 2002, playing the Macau Golf & Country Club on Coloane Island. Macau has ancient Chinese settlements thousands of years old. Part of the Pearl River delta with Hong Kong and Guangdong on the South China Sea, Macau became a Portugese trading entrepot in the 1500s and exhibits extensive Portugese-Catholic cultural influences today. Hong Kong is less than an hour away by TurboFerry across the Pearl River estuary. Known as the Monte Carlo of the Orient, Macau was recently returned to the Chinese government as a Special Administrative Region like Hong Kong, but still features casinos, European-style hotels and resorts, horse and greyhound racing, a major Grand Prix Formula One event, Catholic and Buddhist festivals, the International Dragon Boat Races (also in June), the Fireworks Competition, and numerous cultural activities and attractions. The Macau Peninsula is connected by bridges and causeways to Taipa Island and to Coloane Island. Coloane was formerly a refuge for South China Sea pirates, but now is the home of the Westin Resort and the Macau Golf & Country Club.

Dragon Boat Races
-- each June, commemorating the Chinese poet who drowned himself in the Bay to protest government corruption.


Macau Golf & Country Club, Coloane Island, next to the Westin Resort


Ruins of 16th century Sao Paulo Cathedral
(destroyed by accidental fire in 1835) -- one of many fine examples of baroque Portugese architecture throughout Macau.

Temple of A Ma, a Chinese woman whose legendary calming of the seas is said to have saved the lives of many fishermen. Macau is thought to be a Portugese pronounciation of A-Ma-Gao, the Bay of A Ma.

Temple of Kun Iam (Kuanyin), ancient Buddhist goddess of mercy.



Largo do Leal Senado (Plaza of the Loyal Senate), central Macau City business district, at dusk.


Macau Tower


Sword Fighting


Fed. of Int'l Volley Ball (FIVB)

Grand Prix Race - November
the year's biggest event

Hotel Lisboa - a fine old Casino
try a game of Chinese Fan Tan (cup and beads), minimum bet $100, maximum winnings $60,000

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