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Stockholm Sweden

Spires, Palaces, Schools, Vikings, Jazz, Peace, Steamboats, Parnevik...

Current local time in Stockholm - Sweden / Sverige

The European Tour stops outside Stockholm for the Volvo Scandinavian Masters, at the European Golf Club at Kungsangen. Sweden, on the Scandinavian Penninsula between Finland and Norway, lies just northeast of Copenhagen, Denmark, with Stockholm on the east coast across from Finland. Swedes are understandably a very proud, independent and individualistic people. The Swedish Golf Machine has churned out some great winners, including Jesper Parnevik and Annika Sorenstam!

Jesper Parnevik

St Erik, patron saint and protector of Stockholm
-- beheaded by the Danes.

Old Houses of Stockholm
(from 1500s, seen from the North).

Old Town, Stockholm,
situated centrally on one of
seven Islands of the City.

King Carl Gustav IX's
Palace in Stockholm.

Stockholm Town Hall.

The Copper Tent
on Palace Grounds.

Old Town
Restaurant Row

China Pavilion
- a Royal gift

Swedish Armed Forces


Swedish Horse Guard
at the Palace.

Karolinska Institute
Medical School

Stockholm School of

Stockholm University's


Archaeological Charm ("The Dancing Man") from Kungsangen, about 7,000 years old.

Clay-mation Film Short from the Stockholm Film Festival about Hell - "Down to the Bone".

Young Viking facepaint.

Modern Museum of Art

Fruit Market, open daily in Stockholm.


Stockholm Marathon

The Chapman,
now a Youth Hostel and a Cafe.

Steamship cruising the Archipelago,
vintage 1890s.

Clean and Efficient!

T-bana - Stockholm Subway



Berlin Fu-Fighters
1999 RoboCup

Cornell Big Red
1999 Robot Soccer
World Champs!

Per-Ulrik Johannson

Annika Sorenstam


Niclas Fasth

A little Viking Nuttiness!


A BIG Viking Nut!

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