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Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Bananas, Volcanos, Beaches, Carnival

Plus ... El paseo, Lucha Canaria, Black Pyramids & Thor Hyerdahl, Swedes, Legends, Mount Tiede, Loro Parque...

The Ladies European Tour plays Tenerife this week (April 29 - May 5, 2002), just outside Santa Cruz on Tenerife, a popular European tourist spot in Spain's Canary Islands just off the coast of Morocco.



The Flag of Tenerife, commonly displayed on cars everywhere, is regarded by the Cops as a sign of subversive support for the radical Independenistas, vaguely connected in Cop-think with Morocco. (The wife of the Santa Cruz chief of police got stopped with hers.)


Mount Tiede in the heart of Tenerife, third highest volcano on earth at 3715 meters
The Dragon Tree, over 800 years old and used as a legal reference and source of medicine in ancient Spanish records.


Golf del Sur San Miguel de Abona

Site of the Tenerife Ladies Open



The magnificent Jaguar at Loro Parque


Lago Martianez


Lucha Canaria, the ancient team wrestling sport of the Canary Islands

Dozens of great beaches, many nude



Flowered Streets during the Festival of Corpus Christi


Want to find out about Loro Parque? or view the island from space or visit the beaches via live webcam? Don't miss the nice MIDI files of Spanish music on The Tenerife Guide!

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