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Antique Golf - antique putters

Auchterlonies of St Andrews - antique putters

Von's Golf - collectible putters

Rayado - collectible clubs evaluation

Dorset Sport Antiquities - hickory shafted putters

Antique Golf Scotland - antique putters

Barry O'Brien's - collectible putters value guide

The Old Sport Shop - antique putters

Golf Bidder (UK) - used putters

The Players Club - collectible putters

Golf Maui - used putters

Club Scouter by Jon's Golf Shop - used putters

West Coast Golf Online - used putters

Callaway / Odyssey - pre-owned putters

Golfsmith Used Putters List - Used Golf Clubs - several dozen websites - Auction Finder - fantastic resource Used Putters - several dozen items - on line used golf store

eBay Listings : Putters - over 2,000 items - on line used golf store
Golf Club Exchange: Putters - auction - about 65 items in UK prices - includes pro custom-made castoffs Tour Putters - info on who plays what, copies for sale
Pros Play - Search & see what pro winners play Golf Blue Book: Top Putters (All Tours)
Bill Vogeney's Scotty Cameron Lovers Page - Wrote the book.
Todd K. Schumaker's Bettinardi Putters -- Pro Prototypes and Collectibles
Enzo4re's - Scotty Cameron website Ping Anser Putters (in Japanese mostly)
Gary Maye's - Golf Equipment Journal, design info Pong Man's - Ping website, including Ping putters
Old Golf Auctions - Putters and books

PBA Galleries Rare Golf Books - Books

Jeff Ellis Golf Collectibles - real old, real expensive

BOOK - The Clubmaker's Art: Antique Golf Clubs and their History

Chuck Furjanic's Golf for All Ages - all manner of collectibles

BOOK - Antique Golf Collectibles: A Price and Reference Guide

BOOK - Pete Georgiady's Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide, 2000 by Peter Geogiady

BOOK - Cleek Marks and Trademarks on Antique Golf Clubs by Peter Georgiady, Patrick Kennedy

BOOK - Collecting Antique Golf Clubs by Peter Georgiady

BOOK - Compendium of British Clubmakers by Peter Georgiady

BOOK - The Vintage Era of Golf Club Collectibles by Ronald O. John

BOOK - Strictly Golf Balls: The Golf Ball Handbook by Louis G. Caschera Jr., et al

BOOK - The Golf Ball Book by Larry Dennis, et al

BOOK - 500 Years of Golf Balls: History and Collector's Guide by John Stuart, John Hotchkiss (Curious History of the Golf Ball)


BOOK - Stirk, David Title: Golf: The Great Clubmakers Place: [London] Publisher: H.F. & G. Witherby Ltd. Date: [1992]

BOOK - Early United States Golf Clubs by A.G. Spalding
BOOK - (Price & Indentification Guide) Wilson, Mark, ed., et al. Title: The Golf Club Indentification & Price Guide IV, 1950 to 1998: The golf industry's standard reference Place: Newark, OH Publisher: Ralph Maltby Enterprises, Inc. Date: 1999 - The Golf Club Identification and Price Guide - The Golf Club Identification and Price Guide II - The Golf Club Identification and Price Guide III: The Golf Industry's Standard Reference - The Golf Club Identification and Price Guide IV: The Golf Industry's Standard Reference

Olman Guide to Golf Antiques


BOOK - Donovan, Richard E. & Joseph Murdoch Title: The Game of Golf and the Printed Word, 1566-1985: A Bibliography of Golf Literature in the English Language Place: Endicott, NY Publisher: Castalio Press Date: 1987

BOOK - Murdoch, Joseph S.F. Title: The Library of Golf: 1743-1966, Revised, 1967-1977, Added Place: Lafayette Hill, PA Publisher: Joseph Murdoch Date: [1978] Books: John, The Vintage Era of Golf Club Collectibles


Olman et al. Encyclopedia of Golf Collectibles Books: Roger Gilchrist's Guide to Golf Collectibles


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