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Henry-Griffitts System in Switzerland

V1 Program used for putter fitting
Golf Today, Putter Fitting

Chris Aoki Golf -- - Putter Fitting

David Edel Golf - Home: Custom Putters and Putter Fitting

Fit for the Future -- Could custom fitting help save the game?, Golf Business Magazine, Jan 2005

Mitchell Golf to Introduce Putter Fitting System at PGA Show, The Wire, 17 Jan 2005 - Armour unveils putter fitting system - The Todd Sones Tri-Measure Custom Putter Fitting System, 12 Feb 2003

Saturday from the PGA Merchandise Show - Tommy Armour's new putter fitting system with Todd Sones,, 25 Jan 2003
Putter Buying Guide
Picking a Putter, Golf For Women Magazine, 19 Mar 2003 - Choosing a Putter
Tim Calcagno - Choosing the Right Putter

Ralph Maltby's The GolfWorks - Diagnosing Putting and Putter Problems
Golf Tips Magazine - Putter Fitting Revisited It's more important than you think By Jamie Fischer with Mike Chwasky June 1998
PING Putter Fitting
Putter Fitting & Selection Tutorial
Cybergolf Lesson Tee - Donald Parker - What's Wrong With My Putter?
Golf Tips Magazine - GT 2000 Buyer's Guide - Putters
Golf Tips Magazine - GT 2001 Buyer's Guide - Putters
Putt-ing selection in perspective PGA TOUR Aug. 29, 2000 By Chuck Stogel GolfWeb Columnist
Pick a putter that matches your game PGA TOUR Sept. 5, 2000 By Chuck Stogel GolfWeb Columnist


Hemispheres | Fairways & Greens - Putter Fitting, Inc. - Putter Fitting, Inc. - News briefs, week ending 10/26/01

Clubfitting Tidbits By Brian Hann, C.P.G.A. Professional - CORDOVA BAY GOLF NEWS LETTER

Improve Your Putting Dramatically Get Custom Fitted! Tour Players, Instructors and avid golfers realize the importance of a computerized swing analysis, and now the entire golf world can benefit from a computerized putting stroke analysis and custom fit Putter Fitting Charts

The SeeMore Putting System - Instruction

Nicklaus Golf Equipment - Putter Fitting (cached version)

A. Quality Golf Co. - OnePutt - Custom Choices & Fitting Considerations

BeWORKS - Custom Fitting Guide

Discover Ping's winning tradition April 18, 2000 By Chuck Stogel GolfWeb Columnist

Expo 2002 Workshops - Bob Uebelhor - Putter Fitting 102

The Most Important Club In the Bag By David Linkchorst

Ralph Maltby - Exact Measure Putter Ruler -

Belly Putter Fitting -

Golf Equipment Reviews - Improve Your Putting Dramatically – Get Custom Fitted! By Dr. Barry Lotz October 18, 2001

Putter Fitting by R. J. Forbes

Putter Fitting: Factors For a Best Fit - Part 1 By Jeff Jackson

Putter Fitting: Factors for a Best Fit - Part 2 By Jeff Jackson

Putter Fitting: by Jeff Jackson (parts 1 & 2)

Putter Fitting and the Custom Clubmaker - Jeff Jackson - Dynacraft
Fitting the Flat Sick: A Question and Answer Session with Jeff Jackson, VP Dynacraft Golf

Kirk Currie Introduces New Long Putter and Stroke Trainer Contact Rick Wright 800-578-4732 - Golf Press Association's The Wire

Kirk Currie's Slazenger Putter Fitting - 1997 PGA International Golf Show - Show Buzz

The Slazenger Putter Fitting System - Golf Windsor - Sutton Creek Pro Shop

Free Putter Fitting "Build you own golf clubs" - Tommy Knocker Golf

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Is Fitting a Putter Really So Important? By Lee Wilcox, Cypress Golf -

Laser / Optics Putter Fitting - Tradition Golf School - Pawleys Island, SC

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CBS SportsLine - April 16, 1999 Put the right putter in your bag By Chuck Stogel GolfWeb contributor

Love Connection - Odds are you're playing the wrong putter. How can you find the right one? Scott Kramer Senior Editor, GOLF MAGAZINE - GolfOnline Features

Putting Rx The right prescription for a more successful stroke is a perfect setup By David Wright, Ph.D. - Golf Tips | Putting Rx | June 2001

Henry-Griffitts Putter Fitting System - ABC - PRO Golf - Sport (in German)

Henry-Griffitts Putter Fitting System (translated from German)

Chris Aoki - Putter-fitting Specialist

Mizuno USA: Golf Selecting Equipment

putting is all feel.

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Custom Golf Clubs - Putter Shafts
Tech Tips from Dynacraft Golf Components - Belly Putter Assembly Tips, Jeff Jackson

Odyssey Interactive Putter Fitting


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