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Enhancing Skill Acquisition in Golf - Some Key Principles

Putting at the Open
Seeking Nicklaus-Like Consistency in Putting: An Experiment for the BBC
Kinematic Analysis of Golf Putting for Expert and Novice Golfers

A probability model for golf putting

Hal Hannon's Golfology  Better putting through physics, Sports Business - April '97

June 14, 2000 Columnist Peter Benton: Choosing greatest putter is a tough task Peter Benton, June 14, 2000

Geoff Mangum - Neurophysiology of Golf Putting: The Mayo Clinic Takes a "Stab" at the Yips

Geoff Mangum, The "Mechanics of Instinct" - The Neurophysiological Paradigm for Golf Putting

QLink Technology: It Ain't Brain Surgery... Or Is It? Contact Mary Deatrick Deatrick Public Relations 407-332-5212 SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (August 22, 2002)

GOLF TIPS Magazine Presents The GT 2002 Technology Awards For Innovative Design In Golf Equipment Contact Shannon Rouisse 310-820-1500 LOS ANGELES (September 12, 2002)

The Wire: QLink Breathes New Life Into Sudden Death BRITISH OPEN-Third Major QLink Victory in Three Weeks Contact Mary Deatrick Deatrick Public Relations 407-332-5212 SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (July 22, 2002) (Ernie Els wearing Q-Link pendant

The Wire: GOLF MAGAZINE and The Pinehurst Company Golf Institute Announce Unprecedented Research And Testing Partnership Institute's Research to Be Published Exclusively in GOLF Magazine Contact Kevin Sniffen GOLF MAGAZINE 212-779-5066

Kinematic Analysis of Golf Putting for Expert and Novice Golfers by Giorgos Paradisis & Julian Rees University of Wales Institute, Wales, UK

Golf Supplements ZoneMax Golf Formula

GNS Golf Nutrition Sciences | Golf Calm

Golf and Miniature-Golf Laboratory - Umea University, Sweden

There's no looking back for the professional golfers who have had Lasik eye surgery and improved their games April 18, 2002 By JOHN REGER The Orange County Register

British Psychological Society - Get in the Hole! Study of effectiveness of putting audio and viodeo tapes as training aids

Dr Putt - Yips and Choking are not the same - Scientists study LPGA golfers

ABC News - Dr. John Milton and LPGA Brain Study

Myrtle Beach Access - Dr. John Milton and LPGA Brain Study (more)

Mayo Clinic - Yips Study

Mayo Clinic - Yips Clinical Tournament for 2002

David Adam - Nature Science Update - Putt it out of Your Mind (Yips)

BrainCoach - Inside the Golfers Mind (recent EEG research on putting)

Michael Hebron - Left Brain / Right Brain Golfers

Nature - Scientists study Guiding the Swing in Putting

Green Speed - What do Golfers Know?

University of Florida - Turfgrass Science - Green Friction and Ball Roll

Putter Recommendations
Putter Balancing
Reality Balanced
Yips can't keep Miller from having fun, enjoying golf By RICHARD MUDRY
Mayo Clinic taking on ‘The Yips' -
Yipes! Golfers' yips studied by Mayo
Introduction to Principles of Aerodynamics
Howstuffworks "Why do golf balls have dimples?"
Scientific American: Sidebar: Tackling Turbulence (Golf Ball Aerodynamics)
Dimples drive drag out of golf balls!
The Dimpled Golf Ball
Agricultural Research: Grass tailored just for putting greens. (TifEagle) Author/s: Jan Suszkiw Issue: May, 1998
Business Wire: LESCO Brings World's Best Putting Surface to 1999 U.S. Open. Issue: June 17, 1999
Design News: Solo applies aerospace lessons to golf club design.(Solo Golf)(Brief Article) Author/s: Louise Elliott Issue: August 6, 2001
Business Wire: Beta Group Launches Pixl Golf; Startup Heralds 'New Face of Golf' by Bringing Silicon Valley Technology to the Links. Issue: June 7, 2000
Golf Digest: Rules of Golf: Appendix II, 4b -- Club design: Head dimension.(regulations and history concerning club-head dimensions)(Brief Article) Issue: Feb, 2001

In the grip of the yips Study attacks malady that strikes fear in putters' heart... - 03/08/1998 Articles & General info - There was a time when Carson Herron would have swallowed live worms if he thought it would have helped. 15 years, Herron suffered from the yips, an affliction faced by thousands of golfers, making average players quit, good ones lose confidence and great ones lose sleep. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (newspaper)

Realistic golf sim turns your 'puter into a putter - 01/11/1998 Articles & General info - Links LS '98 Publisher: Access Software Inc. Florida Times-Union - Jacksonville, FL (newspaper)

GOLF - 04/14/1999 Articles & General info - Jim Muschlitz, director of golf operations at Southmoore Golf Club (kneeling), fits a putter for Head Pro Kevin Edwards using technology from Slazenger. Part of that technology is a shaft measuring device (right). Allentown Morning Call (newspaper)


Frank Thomas - Golf Digest -Stimpmeter - Beta Blockers on Tour - Hypnosis in Golf

Brainwave EEG Biofeedback and Golf - Golf Plus - Notebook: An Eye for Design (left-hand low)
LASIK surgery gives Tiger eagle eyes
Shell Golf Science at WGV
Putt it out of your mind
Mental practice putting
Secret of putting? It's all in the mind : In Search of the Golf Zone
Hemispheric teaching strategies
P.C.I. Mind Coach Claims Cure for Yips
Golf Game a Little Shaky? Yips may stem from combination of mental, physical causes   By Fran Berger HealthScout Reporter
GOLFonline - Science in Golf Prizes
Study zones in on using golf for research
Your brain more important than your putter - Progress in Putting
Scientists Study Golfers' Brains

Ping Club Fitting History

Howstuffworks "How can the grass on the green be so perfect?

Howstuffworks "How Golf Clubs Work"

Bald Eagle Golf Balls - Test and Review

Golf Digest: Fathers of invention : Since 1950, new technologies have played key roles in shaping the game we know today.(golf technologies) Author/s: Ron Whitten Issue: Dec, 2000

PR Newswire: New PING Putter Fitting System to Help Golfers Reduce Strokes. Issue: Oct 27, 1998

Golf Digest: Fit to be tried: New high-tech tools and methods can help you find the perfect putter.(Buyers Guide) Author/s: Barry Salberg Issue: April, 2001

Golf Digest: Guarding a sacred trust.(Frank Thomas resigns as U.S. Golf Association's equipment expert)(Brief Article) Author/s: Frank Hannigan Issue: Dec, 2000
Golf Digest: Fitness : The secret golf muscle.(Brief Article) Issue: July, 2000
American Metal Market: Golf putters feature new alloy.(Brief Article) Issue: August 31, 1998
Golf Digest: Ask the expert : Golf-ball weighting.(perimeter weighting in golf-ball design and effects on performance)(Brief Article)(Column) Issue: Feb, 2001
Knowledge and conscious control of motor actions under stress. - 11/01/1996 Articles & General info - Recent studies of the anxiety-performa... relationship have relied upon explanations of the anxiety response which are based upon resource allocation models of information processing (Jones, 1990). British Journal of Psychology

Rhythmicity and preperformance ritual: stabilizing a flexible system. - 09/01/1996 Articles & General info - A study was developed to determine whether preperformance behaviors perform the task of coordinating systems actual performance. Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport (journal)

Out of the lab and onto the links - 05/03/2001 Articles & General info - The golf ball is at the center of a big debate circulating on golf courses. The question is which is better: wound or solid core? For spin and feel, golfers turn to wound balls, but who can resist the distance solid-core balls deliver? It seems golfers have to sacrifice one to get the other. Machine Design (magazine)


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