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OVERVIEW: General Brain & Body Resources


YouTube - Terrence Sejnowski, How Do We Predict the Future: Brains Rewards and Addiction

Brain knowledge exploding since 1990; brains are to help animals move for food foraging, and use time delay processes to learn success.

YouTube - Jeff Hawkins: Brain science is about to fundamentally change

Our intuitive beliefs that are wrong and that prevent our understanding new ideas about the brain.

YouTube - Vilayanur Ramachandran: A journey to the center of your mind

Brain injuries reveal separate brain processes and functions.

Salk Institute Neoruscience Research, San Diego CA

Brains are not like computers; binding problem for separate module processes.

YouTube - Neuroanatomy of the brain (cartoon)

YouTube - Univ. Alberta In Viva MRI Centre, From axons to tracts: A journey through the brain's wiring

YouTube - Neurons and Neurotransmitters

YouTube - How the Body Works: Regions of the Brain

YouTube - How the Body Works : Sensory and Motor Areas

YouTube - How the Body Works : The Anatomy of the Central Nervous System

YouTube - How the Body Works : Movement and the Cerebellum Added How the Body Works : Movement and the Cerebellum

YouTube - Dissection: Cerebrum & Cerebellum Part A

YouTube - Dissection: Cerebrum & Cerebellum Part B

YouTube - Dissection: Cerebrum & Cerebellum Part C

Rhawn Joseph Neuroanatomy Brain Lectures

Lecture 1: Lobes of the Brain, Limbic System, Language, Consciousness

Lecture 2: Visual Auditory Midbrain Brainstem

Lecture 3: Frontal Lobes: Lobotomy Catatonia Mania

Lecture 4: Parietal Lobes Body Image Phantom Limbs

Lecture 5: Temporal Lobes. Schizophrenia, Depression, Delusions, Aphasia, Amnesia, Memory, Thought, Dreams, Hallucinations, etc.

Lecture 6 Limbic System: Hallucinations, PTSD




Visuo-Spatial Neuroscience

Visual Impairment / Disabilities

Atheletes with Disabilities / Blind Golfers

Vestibular Neurology

Proprioceptive Neurology

Movement Neurology

Laterality -- Brain, Side, Hand, Eye, Ear, Foot

Websites - Sidedness & Cross-dominance

Websites - Handedness

Websites - Sidedness

Websites - Eye Dominance

Left-Handed Golf Websites

Left-Handed Golf Organizations

Left-Handed Golf Instructional Books


Class dismissed!

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