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I think these are in Norse:

Ukens tips uke 5001 - Simon Holmes - Putting er todelt
Ukens tips uke 37 - Elendig putting
Putting - golfens akilleshæl - Asbjom Ramnefjell
Ukens tips uke 31 - Tren potting na som grennene er gode
Ukens tips uke 14 - Puttetips og svingmekanisering
Ukens tips uke 9 - Endre puttegrep
Ukens tips uke 6 - Puttetips
Ukens tips uke 2 - Putting-tips fra "the Boss of the Moss"

Zen golf, Japan, putting
Zen Golf Lessons from a Zen Buddhist Priest
Roy Love's INCA Golf

TV Golf Digest instruction
Karl Higham - PuttGuru - Sidesaddle putting
Dr. Putt -- golf instruction
Fox 61 WTIC Golf Tips: Tip 13 - Putting Basics
Golf Europe - Tuition - Putting - Pro's tip for body moving when putting in golf - 10 Tips to Improve Your Putting
Korea Times - How to Handle Green Slopes properly
Match Play Putting Tips
Meadowview Golf Course -- Putting Tips - Putting Tips - Putting Tips
Natural Golfer Magazine - 5 Keys to Smooth Putting
Precision Putter Putting Tips Contributions
Puttmagic (not me) - Golf Tips on Putting and Putters (sidesaddle) - Putting Tips
Tommy Knocker Golf - Golf Tips - Golf - Tending the Flag

Golf Tuition Online - putting (authorization required)
Golf Link Tips - Putting
Golf Putting Lessons - Overview
Rolo Golf - Putting Tips

DEAD OR BROKEN LINKS (Shows how changing the Web is ...)

*Northeast Golf Mag - Putting Like The Pros
*Accurate Golf and Straightline Putting -- Putting Instruction
* - Putting Tips
*Big Oak Putters - Putting Tips
*Bub's Golf Instruction - Putting
* Putting Tips
*Coach's Edge: Golf Lesson - Putting Stances
* - Golf Tips - Practical golf tips for the Duffer
* - How to Tend a Golf Flag on the Putting Green
* - Picking a putter
*Golf Insite - Putting and Chipping
*Golf Rounds - Practice Putting with a Purpose pt 1
*Golf Rounds - Practice Putting with a Purpose pt 2
*Golf Rounds - Practice Putting with a Purpose pt 3
*Golf Rounds - Greg Martin -
*Three Wood Putt at the Fringe
*Golf Tips for Women
* - Putting page
* - The Guide to Better Golf - Putting Tips
*Little Aussie Golfer - Putting
* - E-mail putting tips
*Rob Stanton's Tip Of The Month - Putting
*ShotSavers Golf Academy - Streaming Video Tips ($4.95 each)
*Titan Golf - Putting Tips
*Vegas Golf - January/February 2000: Instruction, You Can Be a Great Putter

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