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Jack Lumpkin - Putting: Source of Power Choose one source of power and apply it throughout the entire swing

Mike LaBauve - Putting Under Pressure Establish a routine and look at the target when taking your practice swings

Mike LaBauve - Putting Distance Practice using the Bernhard Langer grip for distance control

Mike LaBauve - Improved Putting Stroke Keep the blade square to the line and don't move your head and hips

Mike LaBauve - Short Putt Drill - 3 Feet Put a tee in the back of the cup and hit it squarely with every putt

Sandy LaBauve - Putt From Off The Green Putting from off the green is the safest shot and will eliminate disasters

Jane Blalock - Putt or Chip Putt when 1 or 2 feet off the green with short grass and chip using a loftier club as you get further off the green

Jane Blalock - Four Elements of Putting Follow these four simple steps to improve your putting and lower your scores

Jane Blalock - Long Putts On long putts practice lag putting to a three foot radius surrounding the hole

Jane Blalock - Reading Greens Learn how to read the countour of the green, the grain and the terrain around the green

Hank Haney - Reading the Green Imagine pouring a bucket of water on the green and where it would flow is the break

Hank Haney - Putting - Set Up Putting is a lot of personal preference but follow these general guidelines as a basis for your set up

Hank Haney - Putting-Distance Control Distance is the most important part of putting and the optimum speed is 17 inches past the hole

Steven Bann - Short Putt Drill Add some pressure with this baseball game to make practicing short putts fun

Steven Bann - Long Putts:Leapfrog Drill Use this drill to learn distance control and eliminate those dreaded three-putts

Steven Bann - Putting: Seeing the Line Look up and down at least twice to burn an impression of the line to the target in your mind

Steven Bann - Four Rules of Putting Keep your eyes directly over ball, shoulders parallel and putter face perpendicular to target line and head still

Steven Bann - Sweet Spot of the Putter Hitting the ball with the "sweet spot" of the putter allows the putter face to stay square and not twist

Steven Bann - Mark Your Ball to Putt Marking the ball with a line allows you to aim the putter face correctly to the target

Steven Bann - Putting Movement Drill Place an umbrella under your arms and against your body and feel a pendulum motion in your putting stroke

Steven Bann - Putting on Plane Learn an exercise to allow the putter to travel straight back and through on a plane

Steven Bann - Chip Like A Putt Use a simple putting stroke to make chipping easier

Steven Bann - How to Practice Putting Practice putting mechanics at home, when you have time at the course practice short, mid and long range putts

Steven Bann - Mid Range Putting Drill Most golfers only practice short and long putts, but the mid range putt might be the most important and this drill will help you sink them

Dr. Richard Coop - Balanced Putting Stroke Practice this drill to keep your putting stroke balanced going back and following through

Dr. Richard Coop - Putter Head Momentum To fix putting distance control problems let your putter head gain momentum, not accelerate, through the stroke

Dr. Richard Coop - Putting Speed Control Practice this simple drill to getter a better sense of the speed of your putts

Dr. Richard Coop - Rehearsal Putting Stroke Find the right speed for your putt by making rehearsal swings

Dr. Richard Coop - Putting - Tee Drill Block half of the hole with two tees and practice making putts without hitting the tees

Dr. Richard Coop - Putting Accuracy Imagine the line of the putt as wide as the hole

David Glenz - The Putt-Chip Shot When just off the green, use your putting stroke with a 7-Iron

David Glenz - Putting Direction & Speed Control the direction of your putt before you hit it and control distance by using this simple drill

David Glenz - Putting Stance and Set Up Although putting is mostly feel you must begin with a proper set up to allow for the correct body movements

Paul Marchand - Short Putt Drill - 5 Feet Use this drill to practice hitting your line perfectly

Paul Marchand - How to Lag Putt Get a feel for how hard to hit the ball, concentrate on the hole and make a loose stroke



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Thomas Tetrault - IGA - Putting basics
Chuck Wike - IGA - Putting Speed & 3-foot Circle / Halo
Tom Ward - IGA - Stroke, Don't Hit, the Putt

Players Gurus Geoff Collections Teachers More Top

OLD / REMOVED: - Instruction - Putting - Instruction - What's Important in Putting - Instruction - Putting grip, Aim, Setup - Instruction - Putting Direction Control - Instruction Putting Distance Control


Kevin Weeks on how to improve your putting

Chris Foley: Putter-fitting is just as important as club-fitting

David Nesbitt: Stroke those 4-to-6-foot putts with more confidence

Joe Beck: Make more putts, shoot lower scores

Rick Martino discusses the evolution of putting

Rick Martino on the evolution of putting

Rick Martino discusses etiquette on greens

Rick Martino helps you pick the perfect putter

Rick Martino helps you improve your putting

Rick Martino: Trust your instincts to improve your putting on grainy, contoured greens



Players Gurus Geoff Collections Teachers More Top

No frills putting drills, Oct 2006, Jeff Ritter

You do the hokey pokey and then you putt-a-round. May 15, 2001 By: Dan Moschetti

Five keys to successful putting October 10, 2000 By: Jeff Thomsen

Good players like fast greens. December 5, 2000 By: Jeff Thomsen

Putting With Hadley - Introduction March 6, 2001 By: Hadley Starkey

Putting With Hadley - Techniques of Putting March 13, 2001 By: Hadley Starkey

Putting With Hadley - Reading Greens March 20, 2001 By: Hadley Starkey

Putting With Hadley - Touch and Feel March 27, 2001 By: Hadley Starkey

Consistency, consistency, consistency . . . July 17, 2001 By: Michael Messner

Choosing a putter November 21, 2000 By: Joe Chapin

Cure For Yips? March 13, 2001 By: Jeff Thomsen

Gary Wiren, Read the Greens

Plain and Simple Putting Five Steps to Develop the Perfect Putt by Grant Barnes,'s PGA Pro

Get that Little White Ball in the Hole Adopting Proper Putting Fundamentals by Grant Barnes,'s PGA Pro

Learn to Putt Consistently Seven Drills to Help You Accomplish This by Grant Barnes,'s PGA Pro

Scott Goldie - PUTTING PUTTING IN PERSPECTIVE! - Good Morning Chiangmai News Magazine

Lindy Miller - Feel in putting -

Tinsley Penick - Wristy pendulum stroke -

Freedom Golf - Bill Skully Golf Tip #3 Putting - Golf Plus - Notebook: An Eye for Design (left-hand low) tips from Mark, Watch the ball, not the putter

Mark Blakemore - PGA Professional -- Golf Tips -- Putting (Amigo)

Betsy Cullen - Putting Checklist

Bill Curtin - Beat the Yips

Hank Haney - Putting Tip (3-foot cicle, triangle-shaped stroke)

Butch Harmon - 4 Putting Tips

Butch Harmon - Knee Putting - A Yips Fix

Lisa Ann Horst - Golf Tips

Dave Linkchorst - Putter Fitting

Pete McDaniel - Time to Go Cross-handed?

Jamie Olson / LPGA -- Putting Fundamentals

Bob Phillips - Become a Putting Engineer

Tony Piparo - OnePutt School (Dr. T!)

Frank Selva - Fox 61 WTIC Golf Tips: Tip 13 - Basics

Randy Smith - Sink More Putts

Roland Stafford - Grip, stance, putt for scoring

Brian Stevens - Listen to the Ball Fall into the Hole

Joe Sullivan - Speed more than line

Joe Sullivan - Crosshanded

Paul Taggart- Putting: How to Lower Your Handicap

Ryan Tinker - Tending Flag on the Putting Green

Jim Wagner - To Putt or Chip

Jim Wagner - Use Your Ears to Make More Putts

Tom Ward - Green Reading

Tom Ward - Putting Styles Vary

Tom Ward - IGA - Stroke, Don't Hit, the Putt

Joann Winter - Putting -- Art? Heart? Touch?

Richard Zokol - Reading a Green

Joe Beck - Putting grips: three techniques used by pro golfers - deep read

Joe Beck - Learning to read the green: improve your putting skill in golf - deep read

Joe Beck - Learn the proper setup position, alignment and stroke for putting in golf - deep read

Ty Walker - GolfTec - Rocky Mountain News - Leap Frog Distance Drill

Dr. Richard Coop - - You have 18 seconds ...

Freedom Golf - Bill Skully Golf Tip #3 Putting

Players Gurus Geoff Collections Teachers More Top

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