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Tips added 30 Apr 2007

Rob Stanger - Breaking Putts

Chris Pomy - Choosing the right putter

David Graves - Miss Breaking Putts High

Ty Daniels - Sink 10 in a row from 2', 4' etc. to gain confidence

Neil Groom - Use chalk line to match aim line on putter

Neil Groom - Get distance control before the start of your round

Tips added 19 Apr 2007

Jeff Symonds, Thoughts on Putting

Jeff Symonds, The 50 Foot Putt

Nick Riley, Putt indoors to minimise your movement - GOLFmagic Instruction articles

John Elmer, The Science of Putting: Part 2 - GOLFmagic Instruction articles

Golf Putting Tips - ForeNoMore

Temecula Valley Golf School....Putting on Fast Greens

Temecula Valley Golf School....Hold the Head Still in Putting

Temecula Valley Golf School....A Smooth Count for the Backstroke

Temecula Valley Golf School....Read the Green from the Approach Shot

Temecula Valley Golf School....Practice Putting Fundamentals

Temecula Valley Golf School....Repairing Ball Marks on the Green

Temecula Valley Golf School...."Sevens" Putting Game

Gwen Miller - Better putting can help cure scoring woes

ScoreGolf - Four steps to better putting

ScoreGolf - Five Putting Tips

Mark Wood - Golf Drill: Spikes and String for Better Putting

Charlie King - Golf Drill: Putting Plane

Charlie King, Golf Drill: On Track

Rob Akins, Golf Tip: Think speed

Glen Amato, Video: Golf Lesson : Putting Technique from ExpertVillage

Bryan Pemberton, Video: Better Putting from ExpertVillage (14 video tips)

An Introduction to Better Putting

1. Equipment To Help You Putt Better

2. Grip Tips for Better Putting

3. Alignment Tips For Better Putting

4. Stroke Tips For Better Putting

5. Reading Your Target Line When Putting

6. How To Judge the Speed Of Putts

7. How To Use A Lag Putt

8. 3 Foot Putting Drills

9. Alignment Putting Drills

10. The Mentality to Better Putting

11. How To Read A Golf Green

12. Missing High & Low: Better Putting

13. How To Practice Your Putting

14. Putting Drills: Speed

Tim Gorman - Becoming A Perfect Putter Will Make You A Better Golfer

Tim Gorman - Become A Better Putter By Learning To Read The Green

Tim Gorman - Driving is For Show, Putting is For Dough - Become a Better Putter

Tim Gorman - To Win At Golf You Need To Know How To Putt With Great Finesse

Tim Gorman - Lower Your Golf Score With Easy To Implement Golf Putting Tips

Jack Moorehouse - Five Steps To Better Putting

Jack Moorehouse - The Buzz about "The Quiet Eye" For Putting

Patrick J. Cohn - Sports Psychology for Golfers: 4 Tips for Beating the Yips

Tim Hathaway - 4 Tips for Mastering the Long Putt

Mandy Fain - Golf Putting Tips Anybody Can Use

Mandy Fain - Putting Practice Makes Perfect

Scott Myers - Golf Putting Tips For Proper Ball Position

Scott Myers - Proper Putter Length = Fewer Putts!

Pat O'Sullivan - Golf Putting Tips - Play Like a Pro Today!

Rashme Wong - 5 Incredibly Easy To Follow Golf Putting Tips to Lower Your Golf Score

Don Halloran - Golf Putting Tips to Take 3-4 Strokes Off Your Score

J. Larry Denton - Make More Putts - Three Easy Tips

James Langmead - Control Distance And You Only Putt Twice

James Langmead - Three Shots Off Your Score

James Langmead - Getting The Angles Right On Your Putter

James Langmead - Golf's A Mental Game-3-Putts-Yips And Jitters-Just Call It Stress!

Darell Mckissick - Is Putting a Game or a Sport?

Darell Mckissick - Putting Tips for Better Golf Scores

Chip Westley - Putting Like A Tiger

Jason Long - Is There Anything Really New To Learn About Putting?

Bill Maitland - How To Hit Straight Putts - Stop Hitting To The Left Or Right Of The Hole

Bill Maitland - Putting Problems? Deal With Them & Improve Your Score By Putting Well

Bill Maitland - Do You Have Putting Problems? Here Are Some Solutions For You

Bill Maitland - How Grain Factors On A Green Can Affect Your Put And How To Read Them

Bill Maitland - Miscellaneous Putting Tips

Bill Maitland - Improve Your Putting-Be a Positive Putter-Believe You Can Hole Each Putt

Bill Maitland - How To Hit Your Putts With A Square Solid Hit

Bill Maitland - How To Use Your Elbow While Putting

Bill Maitland - How To Be A Better Putter - Some Tips

Bill Maitland - How To Develop A Fluid Putting Stroke

Bill Maitland - How To Hit Your Puts With A Square Putter Head

Bill Maitland - What Are The MUSTS of Good Putting?

Bill Maitland - How To Putt Consistently and How To Find The Right Putter For You

Bill Maitland - How To Control The Distances Of Your Putts

Bill Maitland - How To Find Your Best Style For Putting

Bobby Ryatt - Curing Basic Golfing Ailments, Putting

Donald Saunders - Learning To Read The Green

Donald Saunders - The Secret To Perfect Putting

Chris Schaller - Putting Training Aid, Effective Putting Training Techniques

Steve Lloyd - Different Styles of Putter

Martin Vousden - The Greatest Putters in Golf

Matthew Roberts - Tips To Improve The 4 Areas Of Your Putting

Matthew Roberts - Stop Thinking About Your Putts

William Higginbotham - A Short Primer On Stance And Stroke

Mike Gelhaus - How to use Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Putting

Steve Madigan - Golf Putting Tips - K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid

David Walters - Golf Equipment: Putters

Nick Reinhart - How To Be A Better Putter - So You Can Save More Money

Joe Stewart - Nothing Beats A Good Putting Aid

Richard C Myers - Tips To Improve Your Putting

Richard C Myers - Improving Your Putting

Jim Kesel - Using Putting Tips As Part Of Your Regular Golf Practice

Rich Fuller - Golf Putting Tips For Golfers Of Every Level

Josh Walker - Improve Your Putting in Golf

Santiago Caicedo - Extend Your Golf Season With An Artificial Putting Green

Andrew McNaught - Improve Your Putting - 7 Simple Tips

Reggie Dunn - Reading The Greens Like a Pro

Douglas Hanna - Golf Rules Pop Quiz: Marking Your Ball to Help Align Your Putt

Douglas Hanna - Golf Rules Pop Quiz: Holding the Flagstick for your Partner

Douglas Hanna - Golf Rules Pop Quiz: What Happens If You Accidentally Move Your Ball Marker?

Mary Nourian - Putting-The Golf Tip to Sinking That Putt Every Single Time

Jeff O'Brien - Lower Your Golf Score - Simplify Your Putting

Curt Smith - Golf Putting Drill To Make More Short Putts During Your Round

Curt Smith - Putting Practice Will Lower Your Golf Scores Quickly

Curt Smith - Golf Putting Instruction Can Shave Strokes Off Your Score

Lee MacRae - How To Become A Mentally Tough Putter

Lee MacRae - Take Your Two Putts To A Better Score

Gordon Bryan - A Golf Putting Tip From The Sport Of Curling

Gordon Bryan - My Golf Putting Tip - Look Backwards!

Craig Sigl - Indoor Golf Putting Doesn't Have to Be Practice

Mike Pedersen - Improve Putting With Indoor Golf Practice

Mike Pedersen - Lower Your Scores In Golf: Putting Practice Pays Off

Mike Pedersen - Golf Putting Aids Can Shave Strokes Off Your Score

Mike Pedersen - Golf Putting Aids

James Vincent - Short Putt Psychology

Tips added 03 Apr 2007

Lee Martin, On fast greens stay below the hole

Dublin Events -- Putting Tips

George Beardsley Putting Tips

Kevin Weeks -- Putting in tough weather

Pat O'Brien's SeeMore putting teaching

Avoiding 3-putts at Augusta National

Tips added Feb 14 2007

Lee Reisman, LPGA TC&P - Putting Practice Station 2x4s (Mar 2004)

Kris Olsen, LPGA TC&P - Keep Putts on Line (Mar 2004)

Rose Weis, LPGA TC&P - Short Putts (Apr 2004)

Betsy Cullen, LPGA T&CP - Distance Putting (May 2004)

Keith Gibby Gibson, CPGA - Improve Your Putting

Rob Akins - Three Musts for Pressure Putts (Golf Mag 2002)

Mutual of Omaha Golf Academy - matt Gogel on Reading and Stroke

Hank Haney - Putt on an Arc to beat the Yips (Golf Dig 2007)

Tom Watson - set Your Hands Slightly Forward for a Smoother Roll (Golf Digest 2007)

David Leadbetter - Stand Tall on Long Putts (Golf Digest 2007)

Mel Sole - Improve Your Putting Stroke (video)

Mel Sole - Practice SlammingYour Putts (video)

Mel Sole - Hit and Hold Your Putts (video)

Mel Sole - One Cure for the Dreaded Yips (video)

Mel Sole - The Long Putt (video)

Mel Sole - Check Your Shoulders to Ensure Good Putting (video)

Odyssey Golf - Putting tips (series of 10 conventional tips videos) [Pre-shot routine, Putting grip styles, Types of greens, Divot and ball marker, Diownhill putts, Uphill putts, Game of Horse, Putting Yips, Curving putts, Hitting the gate] Putting Tips [1. Make your Putter an extension of your arm, 2. Stop Moving!, 3. Put the putter head in the hole]

The Sports HQ - Putting Tips

Clickgolf Putting Tips

AOL Video Tips from the Pros - David Toms on Putting Routine and Alignment

AOL Video Tips from the Pros - Tim Clark on Putting

Dana Buttenhoff - Putting Tips that Work

Michael Campbell - Putting Tips Putting Tips

• Putting by The Original Golf School

• Basic Putting by Mrytle Beach Golf School / Peter Anderson

• Putt Well for a Better Score by Roland Stafford

• Try a Wide Variety of Putting Strokes by Tom Ward, PGA Tour Instructor

• Reading the Greens by Tom Ward, PGA Tour Instructor

• Look Uphill for the Best Read on the Green by Larry O. Krupp, FeelGoodGolf

• Look Up At It for the Best Read by Larry O. Krupp, FeelGoodGolf

• You Should Putt Like You Swing by Mrytle Beach Golf School / Peter Anderson

• Putting - Cross-Handed by Joe Sullivan

• Putting - Speed vs. Line by Joe Sullivan

• Distance Control On Your Putts by Larry O. Krupp, FeelGoodGolf

Tips added 18 Oct 2006

Keep My 9 Putting Tips

Putting Drills to Improve Confidence

Eye Position Key for Putting Success

Putting Accuracy - Imagine Multiple Holes

Putting Practice Drills

Putting Practice to Judge Distance

Putting Tip - The Pendulum Effect

Accurate Putting - Keeping Your Hands and Wrists Straight

Tips for Reading Greens and Better Putts

Putting - An Alternative Mental Approach

Jay Granat (Sports Psych) - 15 Ways to Improve Putting

STX Putters - Putting tips

Tips added 06 Jul 2005

Golf Putting Tip - The Little Online Book of Golf Tips -- Keeping body still, create a clockwork rhythm in your putting action. If you keep it as simple as counting 1-2, you will create an ability to putt with the timing of a metronome and you can expect to sink more and more balls.

Enjoy Bogey-Free Golf with Tips from the Pros!

Alex Moore, Golf Putting Tips -- Perfect Line

Alex Moore, Golf Putting Tips - Distance Control

Tom Kearney, Tom's Golf Tips -- Putting

David Graves, Greystone Golf & Country Club - Putting Tip of the Month: Give your putt a good chance

LSM Golf Schools / Linda S. Mulherin, Putting tip: Trust your eyes

Rick Danruther, Putting a mini swing in all of us,

Chuck Wike, What makes a good putt? Distance control,

Tips added 28 Jun 2005

Ultimate Putters - Putting Tips

John Spina, Putting with Confidence (Index)

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Masterclasses | Putt the Nick Dougherty way

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Skills | Perfect your putting

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Rules | On the green

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Equipment | Putter

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Give It A Go | Tackle Darren Clarke's putting challenge

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Give It A Go | Take part in a yips study at Sheffield Hallam University

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Give It A Go | Mini-Golf

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Give It A Go | Pitch n Putt Starter Centres

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Training | Putting swing

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Training | Round the clock

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Training | Bullseye!

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Training | One-eyed jack!

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Training | Zone ball

BBC Sport Academy | Golf | Training | Putting course

How to Make Your Practice More Productive (2), Korea Times, South Korea, 6 Oct 2004

Ian Poulter prefers the pro-am experience -- 5-minute putting lesson helps am sink a swirling 25-footer in contest and win $4,000 watch -- focus not on sinking the putt but solely on the pace,, UK, 6 Oct 2004

Bruce Fleisher: Eyes on the ball for better putting -- keep eyes still on short putts and wait to hear the sound of the ball falling into the cup before moving head, Cincinnati Post, OH, 5 Oct 2004

Tips added 14 Sep 2004

How to Lag Long Putts Close to Hole, Korea Times, South Korea, 13 Jan 2004

The correct way to putt a golf ball, by Virgil Herring
Wildman, Basics of Putting
Técnicas do Golfe - Fundamentals - How to Putt
Karl Morris, Trust in yourself is key to putting
Golf Tips - Michigan Golf - Putts, chips need a triangle - Reading The Green
Tim Calcagno - Choosing The Right Putter
Craig Butfoy's Ladies Golf Tuition - Putting Sloping Lies
Craig Butfoys' Ladies Golf Tuition - Putting Basics
Miles Of Golf - Putter Selection
GOLFONLINE - Why You Can't Putt - standing too far from the ball, too bent over
Jimmy Smith, The Myth of the Pendulum Stroke
Jimmy Smith, How to Putt Better Than a Pro
Andrew Good - Good Golfing Newsletter - July Issue - Drilling your putting
How to Be a Great Putter, Korea Times, South Korea, 10 Feb 2004
Golf Putting Tips...Enjoy your golf by holing...
A Putting Tip To Develop Mental Keys To A Pos...
Arm Your Stroke Sink More Putts - Putting Essentials
How to Hole Every Putt (1), Korea Times, South Korea, 17 Feb 2004
Dr Aidan Moran's The Pressure Putt
GOLFmagic Instruction articles - Monty's belly putter tips, 23 Feb 2004
Golfersworld: Golf Tips -- How to putt with a long and belly putter
How to make more downhill, sidehill putts
Roll it like a Pro
Want to make more short putts?
How to putt with a Long & Belly putter
Roll your long putts close - travel - Oh no, not the dreaded three-putt! (Lindsay Kotylak, Leduc GC, Edmonton, 2001)
Chuck Garbedian, Bobby Grace on the "Stroke Path" debate in golf, Milwaukee Channel, 5 Mar 2004
David Leadbetter Golf Academy, Steve Wakulsky, Putting - Setting up properly to build a consistent stroke
David Leadbetter Golf Academy, Bob Lohr, Putting - Three Steps to Better Putting - Ian Godleman, Putting - Keep it simple - Paul Cook , Putting - Are you feeling disconnected? - Paul Cook, Putt like Phil Mickelson
Jack Nicklaus: All I Know - 2 putting tips,, 09 Mar 2004
Hans van Burg, GolfTIP 04 - 03 Putten - Korte puts (in Dutch)
GolfTIP 04 - 02 Putten - Meer gevoel
GolfTIP 04 - 01 Putten - Beter afstand bepalen
Mike Perpich and the Eyeline Putting System - putting on a slanted plane is best, CBS Sportsline, 4 Apr 2004
The dreaded downhill four-footer, Korea Times, South Korea, 20 Apr 2004
Golf Putting Tips by the Golf Doctor
Blake Ross, Golf Club Castle Hills, How Important is Putting? Scratch Golfer Magazine
Peter Murphy, Hank Haney Golf Ranch, Short Putts Made Simple, Scratch Golfer magazine
Butch Harmon Putting Hints
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putting on Wet Greens
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putting Downhill on Fast Greens
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putting on Slow Greens
Butch Harmon Golf School: How to Handle Severe Uphill Putts
Butch Harmon Golf School: How to Handle Severe Downhill Putts
Butch Harmon Golf School: What to Do When the Green Slopes Severely From Left to Right
Butch Harmon Golf School: What to Do When the Green Slopes Severely From Right to Left
Butch Harmon Golf School: Green Reading
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putting With the Grain
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putting Into the Grain
Butch Harmon Golf School: Missing Short Putts?
Butch Harmon Golf School: What to Do When Putting in Wind
Butch Harmon Golf School: Stand Tall on Long Putts
Butch Harmon Golf School: How to Hit a Super Lag Putt
Butch Harmon Golf School: Where's the "Sweet Spot" on Your Putter?
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putting Basics
Butch Harmon Golf School: One Hand Putt
Butch Harmon Golf School: Knee Putting
Butch Harmon Golf School: Putt to the Chip
James Frank, Putt Smart -- hit the ball 17 inches past the hole, Men's Journal, March-April 1993
Scotty Cameron - Library of terms
Scotty Cameron - Studio findings
Scotty Cameron - Manufacturing process for Futura putters
Scotty Cameron - Necks and Bends
Scotty Cameron - Putter sound
Scotty Cameron - Futura Phil Mickelson
Scotty Cameron - Brad Faxon
Scotty Cameron - Adam Scott's inside path toe-flow
Jamie Oleson, Putting is a Reflection of Individualism,

Golf Tip Set-up important for proper putting, Coos Bay World, OR, 5 July 2003

Picking a Putter, Golf for Women Magazine, 1 July 2003

FeelGoodGolf Learning Centers Golf Tips -- Krupp, Look up to read the break

Scott Eiler, The Golf Mechanic -- The art of reading greens is not all that hard, Marco Island Eagle, FL, 29 Jul 2003

Golf tip Reading greens a skill, but one you can learn, Ventura County Star, CA, 13 Aug 2003

Ned Weaver, How to develop a repeating putting stroke, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA, 14 Aug 2003

Golf Tips - professional putting distance control


All - Golf putting tips

Central Ohio Golf Guide - Putting Tips

1 Stop 4 Golf - Golf Tips

Hed Golf - Mid Length (belly ) and Traditional Putting Tips

Golf Advice, Hint and Playing Tips - Putting

OnlineAthens Sports Golf Tips -- Putting the other game 05-20-01

Golf tips - golf putting tips from Dr. Putt

Golf at Cincinnati.Com - Larry Nelson putting setup

Golf at Cincinnati.Com - Bruce Fleisher, Short putts

Golf at Cincinnati.Com - Five questions with Billy Casper

Golf Maestro - Golf Tips list

Eden-Golf -- tips for your putting

Golf Tips - Michigan Golf - Don't add loft when putting

Golf Tips - Michigan Golf - Straight, simple is best stroke

Golf Tips - Michigan Golf - Flagstick can be held aloft

Golf Tips - Michigan Golf - Distance control is key on greens

Golf Tips - Michigan Golf - Think big when reading greens

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Don't wait too long on putts

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Use care when handling pin

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Use markings to line up putts

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Setup is important to good putting

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - How to manage downhill putts

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - How to putt in the wind

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Close your eyes to lose the yips

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Tend flag stick when needed

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Try more loft on your putter

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Think positively when putting

Michigan Golf Guide - Detroit News - Golf Tips archive

Golf Improvement Tips - Putting

Perfect Putting, Thomas Leen

Bruce Fleisher - listen for short putts to drop, Oregonian, OR, 23 Aug 2003


How to Use the Long Putter

Attack Every Putt,, 7 Nov 2002

Brave And Bold Putts, #45, 10 Sep 2003

Instruction - Tip #33 - Perfect Yor Putting Position -

Learn to Read the Green,, 4 Jun 2003

Lawrence Martin, Take Putting Seriously

George Girton, Putting Style

Happiness in Golf-Melissa Whitmire - My secret to great putting

Diagnosing Putting and Putter problems

Pat Ryan, Correct Putter Length

Golf International Tips-Instructions - Peter Senior, Long-term Solution

Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club. On Line Lesson with Tips to Help Your Game - Putting and Green Reading

Putting Fundamentals from the Golf Learning Center - Mission Hills CC, Rancho Mirage CA

Controlling putting distance - Golf Learning Center tips - Mission Hills CC, Rancho Mirage CA

Golf Teacher - Putting, Lock in your legs to give yourself a steady foundation from which to execute your putting stroke

Hadley Starkey, Putting Tips, Finishing Touches Magazine - Why Putter Fitting is Important - Sports- The Golf Section, Rick Depamphilis Special to the Globe, 7 Sep 2000, Alignment more important than reading

Lexington Oaks Golf Club Golf Tips - Putting

Steve Fontaine, Tips for Putting

Lag-Nificent - from Chi Chi Rodriguez

Brent Kelly, Improve Your Putting Practice Drills,

Brent Kelly, Better Read Greens,

Brent Kelly, Putter Length - Comparing Conventional, Belly and Long Putters,

OnlineAthens Sports Golf Tips -- Putting the other game 05-20-01

Honey Run Golf - The Putting Progression

Bob Dougherty, Why you can't putt, Golf Orlando

On The Green, Golf Etiquette golf, Lifestyle --

Robert Bicknell, From The Pro Shop 1-31-99, I hate my putter

Kevin Haime, Improve your putting to lower scores, Ottawa Sun, 28 Jul 2002

Joe Putter's Golf Tip Number 2 - Thumbs down shaft

Joe Putter's Golf Tip Number 1 - Your weight must be on your left foot to keep putter on line longer

Joe Putter's Golf Tip Number 3, Pick the smallest target possible

Bruce Munch, Short Putts

The Pre-shot Putting Routine From ESSENTIAL GOLF

John Dunigan, The eyes have it (maybe not)

Paul Dashkewytch, Golf Chat - Long putters,, 30 Jun 2003

Want to make more short putts,

How to putt with a Long & Belly putter,

Roll your long putts close,

Craig Hocknull, More putting, Prospector Magazine, 5 Nov 1999,

Neil Wilkins, Eye Alignment - Eat Your Credit card to See Straight,

Neil Wilkins, Blind Putting,

Neil Wilkins, Putting with pace,

Neil Wilkins, Lag putting,

PreSeason Putting By Patty Reno

Bill Mory, Reading greens,,Apr 2002

Gadsden Junior Golf Association, Putting Tips, How to buy a putter

Reed, Setting up feet to a putt

Bob Mann Newsletter Vol 1, Page 2 - Putting alignment

Left-Tee - putting drills

A short guide to better putting

Australian Golf Schools Weekly Tips - Golf Tip No.6 Putting Clock Drill

Australian Golf Schools Weekly Tips - Golf Tip No.7 Thoughts on Putting

Australian Golf Schools Weekly Tips - Golf Tip No.10 Putting, do your eyes deceive you

Australian Golf Schools Weekly Tips - Golf Tip No.11 Putting, eight key tips

Darren DeMaille, Putting Stroke and Targeting

Golf tuition - improve your putting, Thomas Bjorn

Will Dugdale, Better posture means better putts

Will Dugdale, Judging the break

Will Dugdale, Putting at the right pace

Will Dugdale, Hit the back of the hole

Will Dugdale, Putting off the green

John Dunigan golf putting tip

John Dunigan No Muscle Memory

Golf International Magazine - Nick Dougherty Putting Tips

Beating the yips by tricking the brain and hoping for the best, The Age, Australia, 26 Dec 2003 - The Quiet Eye


Tips added 19 Mar 2003

Geoff Mangum - Five "Musts" for Great Putting

Tips added 06 Mar 2003

Ingleside Golf: Tips From The Pros - Putting Tips by Dan Washleski, PGA pro

Tips added 04 Mar 2003

Tips added 02 Mar 2003

Geoff Mangum - Putting Manual

Geoff Mangum - Box the Break

Geoff Mangum - Feet-to-Ball Setup - Pick Up the Quarter

Tony Piparo - 1-Putt Golf Schools - Tip of the Month - Keeping your eye on the ball (eye movement in putting)

Tips added 19 Jan 2003

Putting demands confidence, touch By Mike Wainscott, Kentucky Post contributor, 16 Apr 1998

Tips added 13 Jan 2003

Tips added 10 Jan 2003


Tips added 01 Jan 2003

Tim Sheredy - Confidently Good at Putting

Tim Sheredy - Tee it Up for Distance Control


Joe Buttitta - Putting Can't be Taught Senior Golf Tour - Die or Charge?

Putting - Making Proper Contact (Dime on ground) Mike Wilson Director of Golf Instruction - Putting - Plumb Bobbing

Golf Tips | Become An Expert Green Reader | Plumb Bobbing Technique, By Andy Walters, PE

Thoughts on Putting by Some of the Best Putters Ever with Mark Collett

Putting - Steve Harrison Explains Everything You Need to Know to Become a Better Putter

Tips added 28 Oct 2002

Geoff Mangum - Zeno's Lag Ladder

Harold Swash - The Perfect Putt

eGolf Weekly Golf Instruction with Jason Carbone, Jim McLean Golf School - An End to Three-Putting

Putting grip - PGA Tour Golf Academy with Scott Sackett

Putting fundamentals - PGA Tour Golf Academy with Scott Sackett

Putting Routine - PGA Tour Golf Academy with Scott Sackett

Tips added 22 Oct 2002

Geoff Mangum - The Rib Cage Crunch

Geoff Mangum - Bubbleheaded Putting

Geoff Mangum - Baseball Putting Game

Tips added 29 Sep 2002

Geoff Grieg - Long Putts

Geoff Grieg - Putting Tips

Geoff Grieg - Reading the Grain

Chuck Wike - Speed more important than line

Tom Stickney - The Truth about Putting Stats, Southern Golf, Feb 2002

Don Pooley - On Long Putts, Relax and Stay Calm

Try changing the length of your putter to suit your body type and posture. Tips from the Pro Stephen Puryear, PGA

What should a player expect from the Pro-Balance 2010 system? Tips from the Pro Stephen Puryear, PGA

Jack Kuykendall's Putting Theorie

Subconscious Training Corporation - Dr Robert Winters, Putting Genius

TGC - PUTTING SET-UP LINES Todd Sones Academy Live ACL 01-042

TGC - Martin Hall: Pendulum Stroke & Rhythm 4/18/0

TGC - John Buczek: Putting Styles 4/10/01

TGC - Brad Brewer: Short putts

TGC - Todd Sones: Long Putt tips 6/26/01

TGC - PERFECT PUTTING TIPS Gary Smith The Golf Channel Academy GSM 99-604

TGC - Instructor Listing

International Tour 2000 - How to use the long putters - Tom Ness - Watson's shortcuts - Copy Hale irwin's accelerating stroke and you'll make more putts - Nobody's fool - Jackie Burke Jr. - Frank talk - The physics of a putted ball - Drive, chip and putt - John Daly on feel with a shoulder stroke and loose hands | Custom-Fitted For Your Game - Chris DiMarco's bag - Watson's shortcuts - To make more putts, look straight down - Going with your gut - The skinny on mid-length putters - What's in my bag - Padraig Harrington - Fax to the Max - Interview (Brad Faxon) - The longest yard - 3-footers, by David Gossett - The Golf Digest School - Ball position and rolling, by Kevin Weeks - Breaking 80 - Line for 10-footers, by Hank Johnson - Breaking 100 - Roll it to the Hole, by Chuck Cook - The Advisor - Reducing glare off the putterhead - Breaking 80 - Is it your stroke or your alignment - Sandy LaBauve - The Advisor - How to remember to move your marker back after moving it off another's line - On Tour: Lucky Charms - A reprieve from hell, John Elliott Jr - Johnny Talks Golf - Scott Hoch can putt - Academy rewards - Rules of the Game- Tending the Flag

Tips added 25 Feb 2002 : Putting Tips (1 of 4 pages) Tips 1-5 : Putting Tips (2 of 4 pages) Tips 6-10 : Putting Tips (3 of 4 pages) Tips 11-15 : Putting Tips (4 of 4 pages) - Tips 16-20

TP Golf Online - Putting

TP Golf Online - Putting: Stroke Developement

TP Golf Online - Putting: Distance Control Drill

TP Golf Online - Putting: Tempo

TP Golf Online - Putting: Reading Greens

Bogart Golf - Putting (Windows Media Player)

Bogart Golf - Swing Library - 17 inches past the hole

Bogart Golf - Swing Library - Line up Logo

Bogart Golf - Swing Library - Plumb Bob

Bogart Golf - Phenomenal Putting Program ($175)

David Wright - Golf Instruction - Nail Those Short Putts

Mr Teach - Six Putting Fundamentals

Mr Teach - Short Putts

Mr Teach - Putter Push Drill

Mr Teach - Putting Ball Mark Drill

Mr Teach - Putting Mirror Drill

Golf Society  - Golf Tips - Short Putts [Mel Sole]

Golf Society  - Golf Tips - Long Putts [Mel Sole]

Golf Society  - Golf Tutorials - Putting Animated Lesson

Golf Hound Tips Archive

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Putt to the Finish Line! Until: 02-02-2001 Mike Wilson

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Dead Center Putting Until: 02-15-2001 Mike Wilson Director of Instruction

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Finding the Right Putter Until: 03-08-2001 Mike Wilson Director of Instruction

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Line Up the Logo Until: 03-15-2001 Mike Wilson Director of Instruction

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Putting - Making Proper Contact Until: 03-29-2001 Mike Wilson Director of Instruction

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Give it a Pure Roll Until: 08-27-2001 Mike Wilson Director of Instruction

Golf Hound - Golf Tip of the Week Archives Palm your Putter for a Pure Roll Until: 11-19-2001 Mike Wilson Director of Instruction

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