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Terry Prewitt's Putt Right Aid

Symple Putting Method eBook

Symple Putting Intro Video

Bobby Eldrige's PurePoint Putting DVD

Dyn-Align Putting Setup / Postures

Lie Detector for Reading Break

Clyde Melancon's New Gaze / Aim Lasers

Jerry Moser's Laz-Aligner for Square Impact

Purestrike Putters

TruBall Golf Putter

Cayman Golf Buckeye Putter

Gimmie Golf Putter

Lopaka Putter

Groove Equipment Putters

ShotGun Putter

MVP Sports Slide Link Putter

LUCO Putter Laser Impact Tape

Clockworx Putting System
Slope Indicator

Extreme Green 17-30 ft greens

Putting Template

Henri Reis Putting Aids

Lateral Line Putter - Face Forward style

Crossbow Putting Aid

Clear Track Putting Guide

Proliner Putting Stroke Guide

Putt Pro Arcade Machine

OptoSmart Laser Putter Trainer

Putt Trainer Mirror (Netherlands)

HMOI Putter from Tour Golf

Red Eye Laser Putter

Kevin Weeks' Putter Gizmo Analysis

Golf IQ Putting Package

Putt Rite Stroke & Setup Aid

Korean Infinics Smart Putter Instructor

Clay Long's Plus 2 Golf -
Personal Edition Putter

Gary Carter's Wishbone Grip
-- Demo Movie

NZ's Simon Moore cracks
the "adjustable length" puzzle with
new Puku Belly Putter

Scott Nichol's Golf IQ Putting Package

Mike Shannon's Perfect Entry Kit

Sam Park's Roll n Roll Putter

Gary Bowers' 2-Way Putter
Alignment Aid
/ Infomercial

Macro Putter TV Commercial

Nike Unitized Putters
head, hosel, shaft all one piece

Never Compromise Exchange Putter
changeable weighting

Putter's Edge Custom Putting Greens

Steve Madigan's ebook: Putt Lights Out ($9.97)

Jack Hansen's ebook: Putting Super System ($47.00)

Scott Myers' ebook: Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed ($27)

Target Putting ebook ($22.95)

Van Johnson's EZ Putting Aid

Newly Added Putting Aids
February 19, 2007


Golf IQ Stroke Trainer ($40) -- a stroke plane set to 19 degrees (standard lie angle) at a good price with adjustments to grove your tempo -- good innovation.
Rex Elmore's Trigger Golf "muscle memory" band ($30) -- a resistance-training exercise band to anchor in the green / ground and clip to the balance point of the putter shaft, whose use by stretching and holding in the finish position of a straight stroke creates a wonderful "afterimage" sensation of a good stroke -- simple and cheap, too!
Aldo Enrique's BreakBuster Golf Balls

(sleeve of 3 free with S&H of $8.99) -- a central black aim line on the ball with two other lines in color on either side that aim in angles off straight, with a procedure for aiming that selects one of the colored lines for the stroke in relation to the slope of the break. Neat, helpful idea.

Jim Jamison: "As a tour player the two most important aspects for putting are line and feel for distance. The BreakBruster helps the golfer find the line on breaking putts."

3L Putt's Argon Laser Putter (about $150) -- a self-contained red-light laser with three beams, from putter face, one either side of the ball and one over top of ball, all projecting lines along the ground and activated by buttons embedded in the handle, for learning how to aim the putter where intended and therefore to also learn how to putt straight where the putter aims -- comes with a practice target for indoor work.
iClub Putting System software

($300) -- just another "technologist's" offering masquerading as teaching and causing golfers to chase parameters in a slice-and-dice approach. Useful for watching square impact, but so is the baseboard of a wall, a ruler, a string line or a chalk line or a line on the floor -- from a nongolfer graduate student at MIT.

Esoteric Golf Technology's Path Finder ($119) -- a metal putting deck with moveable magnetic pegs on either side of the stroke path in backstroke, impact area and thru-stroke to allow golfer to first find and then practice his particular stroke path, so he can always keep putter face square to the path -- a popular, less-expensive articulation of the professional-grade PuttingGuide ($1,650+) that performs function more elaborately and precisely, with Annika Sorenstam's coach Henri Reis, the dean of Swedish coaches.
Puttline ($20) -- a rounded attachment for the putter face that requires a square, centered stroke -- much cheaper than the Putterball sort of approach, very useful info about delivering the putter back to impact and how it feels -- real cheap and simple, but current version may not work with center-shafted putters (cure coming soon).
P3 Perfect Pendulum Putting

($90) -- magnetically attaching handles on frame on putter that separate the hands to different positions to train a non-hands, shoulder stroke -- interesting way to eliminate hand dominance and gain feel of good stroke in the upper torso area.


RedEye Laser Putter ($180) -- laser in face that is registered by a target sensor for training dead aim, and putter converts to USGA-legal for play -- good combo.
SuperStroke Putting Grip ($40) -- wide, oversized, squared, non-tapered grip similar in concept to Pure Pendulum, Two Thumbs, and Wishbone grips, which are cheaper.
Puttalite training aid (no price info) -- dome that projects down to surface a circular light as virtual hole 4.25" wide that records and reports audibly whether putted ball crosses hole on line and with good speed, with software to store practice sessions and play games -- kind of depends on whether surface is good, mostly high-tech gimmickry.
Putter's Edge Custom Putting Greens artificial putting greens from Ohio.

Newly Added Putting Aids
February 9, 2004 + January 9, 2005 + March 23, 2005 + November 23, 2006


Accu-Trac System A mat that glows in the path of your stroke.
Balance Certified Pro-Balance System A weighting system that moves the "feel" into your hand's position on the grip.
Banger Box A box to set behind the hole for aiming help.
Bennett Tru-Putt A stand-alone elevated pair of rods one above the other to insure that the eyes are above the ball, that the face is aimed square, that the setup is square, and that the stroke runs straight, with sliding beads to indicate the size of the stroke.
Bent Banger A box to set behind the hole for help aiming on breaking putts "so many balls" left or right.
Bickler Putting Aid Attachment to grip that holds right wrist at "proper" angle, very similar to Greg Norman's "Secret" training aid.
Birdie Deluxe Putting Center Flat 8' Duragreen mat with extra-wide electric ball return.
Boehm Innovations Putt Scope A putter face mirror / scope attachment for aiming.
Butch Harmon Laser Trainer
Laser points on ground to indicate stroke path.
Butch Harmon Putting Insight Mirror mat to guide setup and stroke.
Caddie Mat 9' Duragreen mat with gravity return, no electricity.
Chapman Golf - The Putting Dragon Golf Stroke Trainer A stroke plane trainer with a string line for visual alignment optics.
Continuous Putt Mat 10" x 8' mat to inclined regulation-size cup; balls not returned but misses long ejected to the side.
COOLGRIPŠ Pressure Sensors
Attachment to grip that sounds off if pressure gets too tight.
Definity Golf Putting Mats New entry into the putting mat business, indoors and outdoors.
Deluxe digital putting cup The computer digitally displays the number of putts made and how many successful putts were made by hitting the target sensor.
Double Hazard Golf Practice Green 6' Duragreen mat with inclined target end, hole flanked by water hazard and bunker.
DV Putt Digital Putting Monitor Digital video putting monitor system.
Easy Putt Stroke Guide Vertical-plane stroke Guide with attachment between putter head and track to keep putter square and online. Padraig Harrington endorsement.
EGO Putting Coach Contraption hangs on shoulders and makes putter motion conform to shoulder motion.
Eyebeam Laser Headset Headset with laser attached to side that aims on ground the same way the eyes are looking.
FullercupGolf A computerized above-ground putting cup to help save the practice green from too many holes.
Giant Contour Putting Mat 3' x 9' Duragreen mat with opposite corners raised on either end and with holes on either end to provide contoured surface for breaking putts.
Gizmos Golf Putting Aids
Spinner, slider, aimer -- a trio of putting aids from the UK.

Scott Nichol's Golf IQ Putting Package

Package for putting stroke training, reading, stats keeping, and instructional DVD.
Goltar Putting Pointer Laser attachment for aiming help.
Greenmaster Putting Mat 2' x 9' mat with three different-diamater holes at slightly inclined end backed with ball-stopper rail.
Harold Swash Putting CD - Quintic Consultancy Ltd Complete guide to putting technique with many video clips of top European PGA Tour players showing stroke form.
Hazard Hills Golf Practice Green Standard gravity-return putting mat with hole-flanking bunker and water hazard, no electricity.

Infinics Smart Putter Instructor

Putter with computer visual display of stroke characteristics.
In Line Golf Ball Line Marking Kit
Mark lines on the ball.
InPutt Putting Trainer A stroke plane trainer with an ingenious attachment that keeps the putter face square during practice strokes.
Jackpot Training Putters Similar in concept to the Zen Oracle trainer.
Karl Morris' Train Your Putting Brain CD Top Euro golf psych turns his mind to putting psych.
Kup Caddie Golf Putting Tool and Training Aid Plastic circular frame for the hole that is partially open to receive putts, thus allowing training of breaking putts that enter hole from high side, or can be used as a hole reducer on straight putts, or stand-alone as an indoor or outdoor target to putt to by itself.
Lag Circle A string circle as a target for long lag putts.
LinksPutt Fully contourable putting platform, in 3m, 4m, 5m sizes.
Lo-Pro Deluxe 5 Hole Practice Green 6' x 12' Duragreen mat with 5 holes only 1/4th inch deep using energy-absorbing flags to "catch" or "reject" balls depending upon arrival speed.
The Master Putting Training Set Sweet spot clips, hole reducer, and a "ramp" mat that guides the rising thru-stroke.
Medicus Pro Putter Hinged putter trainer.
Mentor Putting Mirror Mirror mat to help setup.
Nick Faldo's Pinshot Golf Putting Trainer Computerized putting trainer.
P3 Putting Trainer Stroke track.
Par Electric Putting Cup Electric ball return.
Peel Stick Putt Rectangular piece of plastic that sticks two red arrows inside a box onto the back of your putter to help aim and stroke straight.
Perfect Stroke Stroke Guide with rail, eye line string, and more. Australian.
ProAim - Virtual alignment trainer Goggles that project parallel railroad track guidelines for straight stroke path plus a vertical line for squaring the face.
ProTour Golf's World PuttMaster Guide Mat A nice short little mat with straight rails on each side to train a straight stroke thru the critical impact zone.
Pro-Line Golf Ball Marking Tool Mark your ball.
Pro-Putt Laser Trainer by Peter Royce Shaft across shoulders/chest with laser aimed at a wall to train vertical shoulder action for putting stroke.
Putt-Away Box and Guides A guide at the ball that helps square up the putter face aim and stroke.
Putt Box

A wooden shute with a centered arch to roll the ball straight out.

Putter Bubble Dome that attaches to putter face to train straight strokes and centered impact.
PutterHorns Horseshoe-shaped prongs that attach to putter head and extend targetward to train straight stroke with square impact.
PutterSight Attachment to shaft that acts as a gunsight-style scope to look down at the ball and sweetspot of putter - helps train a straight gaze!
Putt-Eze - The Pro-puttercizer A putting exercizer to train "muscle memory" for stroke and distance control based on the idea that one inch of backstroke equals one foot of roll.
PuttGuard - Professional Protection for your putter Hi-tech putter cover.

Putting Analysis System

Digital video putting analysis with computer software -- teahing suite.
Putting Connection / Putt Link
Holds elbows / upper arms in "triangle" shape during stroke.
Putting Doctor Stroke path trainer.
Putting Genius CD - Dr Robert Winters Putting hypnosis from the psych at the David leadbetter Golf Academy at ChampionsGate.

Putting Greens Turf

Do it yourself synthetic backyard putting greens! for indoors or outdoors.
Putting Rails / Putting Rails Two straight aluminum rails to guide stroke path.
Putting Stick Roll the ball down a narrow stick; use a mirror at the target end to setup square for the stroke.
Forearm rests to keep stroke "tiangle" intact.
Putterhead attachment with mirror for aiming true downline. Optico Equipment, 17 Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland.
Putt-R-Buddy A ball on a stick to train stroke path and centered impact.
Red Eye Laser Putter Laser in putter face plus target indicator, can be converted for use in play per USGA Rules.

Redline Laser LTS2000

Attaches to shaft and projects a red line that is perpendicular to the putter face to help in aiming and stroke.
Refiner® Target Line Hinged Putter Hinged putter with aiming guide stick avove putter head.
Right On Line Two vertically matching rods held over the ball on end-stands to make sure the eyes are positioned vertically above the ball - the putted ball rolls thru an arch in either stand.

Rob Akins' Laser Putter

Putter with laser beams projecting out of the bottom and out of the face for both path and squareness.
Rock n' Roll Golf 's Ultimate Putting Aid Similar in concept to the Zen Oracle trainer, but attaches to the face of the putter.

Sam Park's Roll n Roll Putter

Putter with ball that slots onto rear carriage with bottom of ball extending thru hole in carriage down to green, to train stroke that rolls back and rolls forward without dislodging the ball from the carriage. Can be used in play without ball.
Rockroller Fixes arms in triangle -- Ernie Els endorsement.
Science and Motion Putting Lab Neuroscientist and medical engineer Dr Christian Marquardt's movement training technology.

Mike Shannon's Perfect Entry Kit

Reading bubble plus hole insert for pathway into hole.
Smart Golfer Putting Laser Trainer Red laser that attaches to putter head to aim a line over ball straight down the line the face is aimed on.
Smart Putt Clip Pin-point clips on putter face that send off-center impacts left or right.
StimpDimple Rest a ball on the putter shaft during strokein a dimpled holder -- stroke too fast, and the ball rolls out of the dimple.
Stroke Builder String line plus stroke track, for indoors or outdoors. Australia.
Stroke-Pro Practice Putters Putter head in the shape of a vertically oriented horseshoe that passes cleanly over the ball with a proper stroke.
Swinghat A golf cap with a tempo attachment and an ear piece that also monitors head movement in full swing.
Swing-Tempo A tempo indicator that uses an elongated tone for the backstroke and down-and-thru stroke rather than simple beeps.
Tac-Tic - Anti-Wristbreak Really for the full swing to make a sound when the left wrist breaks down, but can be used in putting too.
Technasonic Check-Go Pre-Balanced Golf Balls From the makers of the Check-Go Ball Spinner / Balancer, now boxing up sleeves of balls that they have previously checked for balance.
Tela-Magic Putting Mirrors Mirrors for putting setup, alignment, stroke, and targeting.
Touch Putting Board Up or down -- a putting mat on an incline.
Tour Links Portable Putting Green Self-assmebly putting floor in puzzle pieces for transportability.

Tour Tempo Short Game Player

Aural tempo patterns in 2-to-1 rhythm, with backstroke 2x the downstroke to impact timing -- several setting, faster or slower total time.
Train 2 engrain Stroke Rack PVC rack for stroke path.
TruePutt Training Aid Dome attachment on putter face exaggerates feedback for imperfect impact.
TruRoll Putting Carpet Standard flat putting mat with central path marked to hole.
TruStroke Computerized Putter System Sensors in putter indicate whether impact was square.
TruStroke Track / Mat A short mat with side guide rails to train stroke path thru impact area.
TruTarget Strings Strings to lay on the green for breaking putts to indicate startline, break, apex in targeting.
Two-Way Putting Green Standard flat putting mat with holes at both ends backed with ball-stop bars.

Gary Bowers' 2-Way Putter Alignment Aid / Infomercial

Raised aimer in shape of two small balls extends from sweetspot forwards or backwards (per setting) to train aiming and stroke.
Ultra Electric Return Golf Putting System Electric putting mat to a raised hole flanked by a water hazard on one side and a bunker on the other, with all three feeding the ball to a kick-back return.
Whippy TempoMaster Flexible putter to train gravity-based tempo.

Gary Carter's Wishbone Grip
-- Demo Movie

Wide grip to allow even hands on handle, level shoulders, no-hands grip form to combat yips and promote shoulder stroke.
Wrist Arrester
Extra rear-hand handle that clamps on to the shaft, thus separating the hands for stroke training -- designed for chipping clubs but can be used for putting too.
Xtendalign by Targaline 16' retractable string line to train "eyes above ball".
Z Factor Sports, LLC. - The Perfect Putting Machine A stroke training machine with a carriage for the putter head that rides effortlessly along guide rails that can be set for a straight stroke or a slightly arcing stroke -- pro-level equipment.

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