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This page describes PuttingZone Coaches, Academies, and the content of a typical Clinic.
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Geoff Mangum is widely regarded as golf's most knowledgeable and effective putting instructor. He has combined a comprehensive survey of golf literature over the past 200 years for all existing putting lore with an intensive 17-year study of the neuroscience of the brain and body exclusively focused upon putting targeting and stroke movement processes for optimal control. His first scratch amateur student went from the mid-70s to a course-record personal-best 63 in two months. His first mini-tour professional student, after a single session, the next day fired a course-record, tour-record, personal-best 62 and won going away. His first PGA Tour student, a great ballstriker but indifferent putter, won his first PGA Tour event and a Major on the strength of his putting within two months. Geoff Mangum's unique yet conventional system simplifies the best of science in very practical and easy-to-follow instruction that can help even the best putters in the game get better. Find out for yourself why even veteran professional golfers putt better than they ever have in their lives, and get this part of the great game of golf sorted out so you can reach your goals as well!

Lessons taught Worldwide; locally in Greensboro at Bryan Park GC [Map], Wallburg / Winston-Salem at Meadowlands GC [Map] and The Olde Homeplace GC, and Salem Glen G & CC, Asheboro at Tot Hill Farm GC [Map], Burlington / Graham at The Challenge at Hideaway Farms, Hickory at Hampton Heights GC -- also, elsewhere by prior arrangement. Now opening PuttingZone Academies worldwide, beginning in Baltimore, Yorkshire England and Hamburg Germany.

Sample PuttingZone Clinic for 6-25 Golfers

Offered at local venues and also offered at courses around the country in cooperation with PGA course pros. If you're a course pro and you want to offer your players or members a special clinic on the short game or putting, you can incorporate's Geoff's clinic as a "Plug-and-Play" option on a revenue-sharing basis. You "earn to learn" and you and your players benefit deal for all concerned and I meet and teach players and get paid for it! Typical clinics of 10-15 players can earn the local pro up to $1,800. Interested in the small print? Contact Geoff for details! Email.

Suggested pricing $300 per golfer

3.5 hours 9 - 12:30 pm
1.5 hours 1:30 - 3 pm
2.5 hours 3 - 5:30 pm

Handouts: Four Fundamentals of Putting and PuttingZone Drills

I. MORNING GROUP SESSION (3.5 hours, 9 to 12:30 pm)

A. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (25 minutes, (9:00 to 9:25 am)

FIVE MINUTE BREAK (5 minutes, (9:25 to 9:30 am)

B. PRESENTATION INDOORS -- IDEAS & THEORY (1 hour, 9:30 to 10:30 am)

1. Distance Control (15 minutes)

a) All Putts have One Tempo

b) All Putts Arrive at Hole with Same Terminal Speed at the Lip

c) Tempo works with Gravity for Accurate, Consistent Motion

d) Grip Form Monitors Stroke Tempo

e) Core Putt for Green Speed

f) Backstroke Length Determines Putter Speed at Impact

g) Head Turn Targeting plus Tempo Sets Backstroke Instinctively

h) Straight Gaze plus Head Turn generates Backstroke for Tempo

i) Uphill / Downhill Adjustments (including Tiers)

2. Straight Stroke (15 minutes)

a) All Strokes are the Same except Size

b) Sweetspot-to-Sweetspot Physics

c) Square Face Moving Square thru Ball

d) Straight = Wherever Face is Aimed

e) Straight = Solid, Solid = Straight

f) Critical Impact Area

g) Head Turn for Both Targeting & Touch also Teaches Shoulders How to Move

h) Dead Hands & Movement Muscles

i) Stroke Plane / Path and Ball Position in Stance

j) Putting the Bottom of the Stroke

k) Parallel Path of Hands, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders -- the "Triangle"

l) Flat of Handle

m) How to Still the Head (and Why)

n) Follow-thru Form

3. Straight Aim / Square Setup (15 minutes)

a) All Putter Faces and Setups are Square

b) Aiming Putter Face to Target, Aiming Body to Putter

c) Sighting Target from Behind the Ball -- Perspective & Visual Ruler

d) Anchoring Perceptions of Line -- Shape, Spots, Shadows

e) Walking into the Ball

f) Placing the Putter Face

g) The "Line" thru the Ball at Target

h) Adopting a Setup that is Square to the Putter Face as Aimed

i) Skull Line Matching Putt Line

j) Squaring from Head and Eyes down to "Happy Feet"

k) Carpenter's Square Setup

l) Adopting the Grip

m) Checking the Aim from beside the Ball (+ Cross-dominant problem)

n) Dominant Eye's Visual Aim Spot

o) Straight Gaze and the Ferris Wheel or Tilt-a-Whirl look along a Straight Line

p) "Go" when Behind-Ball and Beside-Ball Targeting Agree on Face Aim / Setup

q) Once the Putter Face is Aimed and Checked, Forget the Target

4. Pick Target (15 minutes)

a) Read the Putt, not the Green

b) All Putts are Straight at a Target

c) All Targets are Next to the Hole (Hole High as seen from Ball)

d) Only Two Putts are Straight -- Straight Uphill or Downhill

e) Fall Line and Axis of Tilt Reveal Single Target for Breaking Putts

f) Fine-tune Read of Putt by Visualizing Ball Backwards out of Hole

g) Clearly See the Last 2-3 Feet of Every Putt into Cup

h) The Apex is Not the Target and is Too Low

i) Double Breaks and Undulations

j) Tiers -- Going Up, Going Down

TEN MINUTE BREAK (10 minutes 10:30 to 10:40 am)

C. ON THE GREEN (1 hour 50 minutes, 10:40 to 12:30 pm)

1. Distance Control (25 minutes)

a) Core Putt away from hole

b) Core Putt back to hole

c) Core Putt Uphill

d) Core Putt Downhill

e) Targeting Head Turn -- Neck Angle and Pace of Turn

f) Putting to Different Distances

g) Putting in from Off the Green

h) Putting Up / Down Tiers

2. Aim Straight (25 minutes)

a) Dominant Eye Determination

b) Perspective & Position Behind the Ball

c) Using a Visual Ruler to Identify the Line Precisely

d) Anchoring Perceptions

e) Walking the Line into the Ball

f) Soling the Putter and Aiming the Face with the Left Hand

g) Bringing the Body to the Putter and Squaring the Skull Line

h) Checking Aim with Skull Line / Head Turn

TEN MINUTE BREAK (10 minutes, 11:30 to 11:40 am)

3. Putt Straight (25 minutes)

a) String Line Exercises

b) Stroke Plane Exercises

c) Chop Stix Exercises

d) No-Net Straight 10-footers

e) Straight 30-footers at Tee

4. Pick Target (25 minutes)

a) Seeing the Spider -- Fall Line and Axis of Tilt

b) Visualizing the Ball Backwards out of the Hole

c) Defining the Path over the Last 2-3 Feet

d) The Apex as an Aid to Seeing the Target

e) Target as a Touch Target -- short, downhill, Long Lags

f) Intervening Targets on Undulations, Ridges, Tiers, etc.

LUCH BREAK (1 hour, 12:30 to 1:30 pm)

II. AFTERNOON GROUP SESSION (1.5 hours, 1:30 to 3:00 pm)


1. Tee Ball Drill

2. Upside Down Tee Drill

3. Ladder Drill

4. Tee-it-up Drill

5. Downhill Drill

6. Fringe-to-Fringe Drill

7. Lag Drill

B. AIM & SETUP DRILLS (15 minutes)

1. Mirror Drill

2. Aim Spot Drill

3. Glasses Drill

4. Tube Drill

5. Salute Drill

6. String / Skull Line Drill

7. Head Turn Drill

8. Putter Face Aiming Drill

9. Putting Target


1. String Line Drill

2. Door Jamb Drill

3. Chopstix Drill

4. Channel Drill

5. Waiter's Tray Drill

6. Baseboard Drill


1. Spiral Drill

2. Piece of Pie Downhill Drill

3. Side-door Drill

4. Elephant's Ear Lag Drill


1. Stroke & Setup First, then Putter Fitting

2. Shoulder-to-Eye Measurement

3. Gaze and Head Orientation to Ball

4. Center of Palms to Ground below Hands

5. Ground below Hands out to Ball

6. Flat Sole

7. Loft and Ball Launch for Typical Greens

8. Loft, Length and Lie Determinations

9. Design Choices -- Putter Head Shapes, Grips, Weighting, Faces, Hosels


1. One-putt Greens

2. Three-putt Greens

3. Relationship between Putting Skill and Scoring

4. The Time-Course of Improvement

III. AFTERNOON INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (2.5 hours, 3:00 to 5:30 pm)




Geoff Mangum reserves the right to change any of the above rates without notice, and no rates are binding until confirmed by Geoff Mangum personally. For more information, visit Geoff's website at or contact him directly: 518 Woodlawn Ave Greensboro NC 27401 336.790-8176 h 336.340-9079 c
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