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Rules on the Green.pdf

Eight on Your Plate.pdf

PuttingZone Brain Science.pdf

PuttingZone Selection of 200+ Scientific American Brain / Mind Science Articles.pdf

PuttingZone Stats Scorecard.pdf

Instruction Sheet for Scorecard.pdf

Four Skills of Putting (pdf)

Curvilinear vs Linear Golfers Reading Putts: Both Lack Real Skill.pdf

Golf Putting "Yips": Focal Dystonia Research.pdf -- 4 MB

PuttingZone Brochure.pdf

EaglesDrean Golf Academy, Timacuan Club, Lake Mary FL Brochure.pdf

EaglesDream Golf Academy / PuttingZone Putting Games.pdf

Newsletter about PuttingZone Coaches Certification.pdf

PowerPoint: PuttingZone Overview -- 11 MB

PowerPoint: PuttingZone Touch -- 2 MB

PowerPoint: PuttingZone Stroke -- 3 MB

PowerPoint: PuttingZone Reading Greens / Putts -- 13 MB

PowerPoint: PuttingZone Aiming -- 3 MB

PowerPoint: PuttingZone Drills -- 1.5 MB

PuttingZone PowerPoint PDF from Real Federacion Espana de Golf, 4-5 October 2010, Madrid (in Spanish)

PuttingZone PowerPoint PDF from Spanish Royal Golf Federation, 4-5 October 2010, Madrid (in English)

PuttingZone Coaches Certification Program outline Day 1.pdf

PuttingZone Coaches Certification Program outline Day 2.pdf


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  • PuttingZone Research 1880-2008 1,079 pages $5.95

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