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PuttingZone Academy Franchises

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A growing community of
the world's best putting coaches.

Two New PuttingZone Coaches for March 2008!
Bryan Seton
Golf Centrum

Jeroen Aarse
Golf & CC
Hooge Graven


Gary Hillson, Head Pro
Steigenberger Treudelberg Hotel & Golf Resort
Lemsahler Landstraže 45
D-22397 Hamburg Germany
Tel.: +49 40 60 82 20
Golfschule +49 40 60822500
Pro Shop +49 40 60822535

Gary Kershaw
Steigenberger Treudelberg Hotel & Golf Resort
Lemsahler Landstraže 45
D-22397 Hamburg Germany
Tel.: +49 40 60 82 20
Mel Johnson
Steigenberger Treudelberg Hotel & Golf Resort
Lemsahler Landstraže 45
D-22397 Hamburg Germany
Tel.: +49 40 60 82 20
Dylan Bawden
Steigenberger Treudelberg Hotel & Golf Resort
Lemsahler Landstraže 45
D-22397 Hamburg Germany
Tel.: +49 40 60 82 20

Stéphane Lovey
Amsterdam, Holland
+31 655 701236

Rob Roest
American Golf Heiloo
Kennermerstraatweg 524-526
1851 NH Heiloo, Amsterdam, Holland
+31 (72) 5338337

Andrew Pakes
Vejen Golfklub & Pro Shop

Vigîrdsvej 2
6600 Vejen Denmark
Phone +45 75 36 80 82

Jason Crerar
Golfclub Schloß Breitenberg e.V.

Gut Osterholz 3
D-25524 Breitenburg
Phone: +49 4828 8188

Thomas Ambühl
Hochschwarzwald GC, Hinterzarten German
Tel +49 (0)162 7367968

James Marshall
Hotel Golf Can Rafel, Barcelona Spain
Tel +34 654686234

Lucky Kusuma Chandra (L)
PZ Coach
Topgolf Store
The Belleza Shopping Arcade G 69-7
Jl. Arteri Permata Hijau No. 34
Jakarta Selatan 12210
+62 21 536 64820 ph

New Coaches certified May 2007
Hochschwarzwald GC
Titisee-Neustadt, Germany
(Black Forest)

Henrik Jentsch
PZ Coach
Golfanlage Hochschwarzwald

Titisee-Neustadt, Germany
Golfwelt Hochrhein
Bad Sackingen, Germany
Online Booking
SFT Golf
Henrik Jentsch
Grienmatt 48-50
79650 Schopfheim
Telefon: +49 (0)7622/684 83 15
Mobil: + 49 (0)179/207 98 32

Jason Harvey
PZ Coach
Golfclub Heddesheim
Gut Neuzenhof
68519 Viernheim
(Mannheim Germany)
Golfschule Tel: +49 (0)6204 - 9769 - 27
Golfschule email: golf@gutneuzenhof.deGolf Academy website
Jason's mobile: +49 (0)172 - 721 3878
Jason's webpage

Tim BÜchtrager
PZ Coach
Golf is a Hit
Golfclub Richardhofgolf
Vienna Austria
Mobile: +43 676 8808 733 42

Simon Hilton PZ Academy Switzerland
Golf Academy Gams-Werdenberg CH-9473 Gams, Switzerland
Golfclub Gams-Werdenberg AG Postfach 113 CH-9473 Gams, Switzerland
Club: +41 (0)81 772 40 00
Mobile: +41 79 238 87 78

Allan Renz
PZ Coach
Chelsea Piers Golf
New York, NY
(516) 509-7887

William Wetere
PZ Coach
Te Awamutu NZ
+64 029 870 4477
The PuttingZone's first Kiwi Coach!

Brian Tulk
PZ Coach
PZ US Tour Dir.
Cinder Ridge GC IL

(815) 263-0756

Martin Wiklund
PZ Coach
PZ Scandic Tour Dir.
Malmö Sweden
+46 708 584415

Greg Hawk
PZ Coach
Hawk True Golf
Buffalo NY
(716) 553-2042

Todd Oehrlein
PZ Coach
Head Coach
U Wisconsin
Women's Golf

Madison WI

Bob Montello
PZ Coach
Bob Montello Golf
Woodlake CC
Pinehurst NC
(910) 603-8256

Mike Thurston
PZ Coach
Head Pro
Hampton Heights GC
Hickory NC
(828) 308-0373

Damon Lucas
PZ Academy
Director of Instruction
Hayfields CC Hunt Valley MD
Chestnut Ridge CC Lutherville MD
(410) 340-1819

Bruce Howard
PZ Coach

Sydney Australia
+61 412 829 101 m

John Eyre
PZ Academy
Head Pro & English National Putting Coach
Woodsome Hall GC
Woodsome Hall, Fenay Bridge
Huddersfield, Yorkshire UK HD8 0LQ
Tel +44 (0)1484 602034

Andy Taylor
PZ Academy
Head Pro
Adendorf Golf Resort
+49 4136-911-578 h aft 3pm
+ 49 (0)177-687-1110 mobile
German National Headquarters for the PZ
Luneburg, outside Hamburg Germany


School Clinics Rates

See also PuttingZone Coaches Certification

Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone Academy Franchises offer the best putting instruction in the history of golf and participation in a world-wide community of putting teachers and learners whose interactions keep these Academies perpetually at the forefront of golf putting instruction. If you're a golf pro, you certainly know that standard golf instruction is focused 99% on the full swing, even though golf is 40%+ putting and the putter is used nearly three times as often as every other club during every round of golf. PuttingZone Academies offer a complete body of knowledge and teaching techniques for putting to add to your school's existing repertoire of full-swing instruction. And ... you get marketed as a putting guru!


  • Membership in this dedicated group of instructional leaders
  • Exclusive geographic territory and media market for your academy
  • Exclusive rights to offer group clinics for PuttingZone instruction
  • Exclusive rights to offer PuttingZone putters, training aids, and other merchandise at super markups
  • Exclusive rights to offer area-wide City clinics with Geoff Mangum
  • Opportunity to offer other teachers Certification training
  • Participation in the interactive community through the
  • Admin support via dedicated Academy franchises website (coming '08)
  • Promotion by the as the world-class putting instructor for golfers interested in your lessons
  • Cooperative media advertising and other promotions
  • Exclusive rights to display PuttingZone signage and emblems
  • PuttingZone Instructional Manual and PuttingZone Operations Manual
  • Higher rates for putting lessons than for swing lessons
  • Increased business in lessons and putter fitting services for your school
  • Recognition by your peers of your specialized teaching expertise + referrals
  • Opportunities to get your ideas published to a world audience of golfers
  • Co-sponsorship of putting clinics with Geoff Mangum
  • A steady stream of putting-related research and news not available anywhere else on the planet
  • Constantly updated instructional materials
  • Innovative teaching and learning techniques
  • Cutting-edge putting and instructional science
  • Free contact listing in the NEW! PuttingZone Magazine (coming '08)
  • Full email, telephone, and live web support from Geoff Mangum and others
  • Much more


Prospective franchises should submit a letter of interest in the form provided by the PuttingZone. In general, eligibility requirements include:

  • Franchisee has PGA certification or acceptable substitute;
  • Franchisee operates a golf school for general golf instruction or desires to operate a golf school specializing in putting instruction;
  • Franchisee owns or has rights to use an appropriate golf facility as assessed by Geoff Mangum during the full term of the franchise;
  • Franchisee's Academy territory is not in conflict with an existing PuttingZone Academy;
  • Franchisee has the right to offer for sale putters, training aids, and putting-related merchandise;
  • Franchisee has the right to display PuttingZone signage and emblems and to engage in marketing activities;
  • Franchisees maintains access to the Internet and provides on-going record-keeping data for lessons and student progress to the Franchisor;
  • Franchisee is not otherwise prohibited from any of the normal operations of a PuttingZone Academy.


PuttingZone Academy franchise training consists of a week of instruction in theory and practical techniques by Geoff Mangum, along with various written materials. Special sessions include teaching methods and franchise operations procedures and best practices. PuttingZone Academy training fully equips the owner to market and operate the Academy to offer the highest available putting instruction as an add-on complement to an existing golf school. The training teaches the owner how to assess a student's existing skills, to ascertain the student's goals and potential, to offer the best putting instruction for fundamental skills and psychological issues in the world, and to benchmark and chart student progress. The program includes teaching manuals, student questionnaires and profiles, testing protocols, and benchmarking and record-keeping protocols. The program also includes surveys of training aids and teaching techniques and a session on proper methods for putter fitting and selection. Training takes place periodically at centralized regional venues and is also available at your venue by prior arrangement. Initial training and all supplied materials are included in the pricing of the franchise. Franchisee staff may be included in training for nominal fees.


The PZ Academy franchises are available in a number of different pricing structures. Payment plans are available, including regularly scheduled monthly or annual payments. All franchises have an initial term of three years.

One plan is for a one-time $6,500.00 USD (ú3,700 or €5,400) base fee plus 5% royalties of putting instructional and services revenue at the school payable quarterly. The base fee includes week-long training, manuals, an initial stock of signage and business supplies, grand-opening promotional event, and on-going marketing and operational support and updating.

One plan is for payment of one-third, $2,200.00 (ú1,265 or Euros €1,850) for the first year plus 10% royalties payable monthly, with two additional annual payments of the same amount.

Another option is available for one-half, $3,250.00 (ú1,865 or Euros €2,725) as a one-time base fee plus 15% royalties payable montly, with two further annual payments of $1,625 or equivalent. On-going franchise business supplies will be available at cost plus shipping and handling. Separate fees apply for extra training.

Provision of PuttingZone merchandise to franchisees will be at wholesale pricing and shipping and handling calibrated to provide the franchisee a greater mark-up than commonly available from standard equipment, apparel, and accessories vendors.

Renewal of the franchise term at the end of the initial term entails a review of the success of the Franchise and an adjustment of fees and royalties up or down to more closely reflect actual market conditions. The Franchise may be transferred to a new location, subject to territory availability and prior approval. Other terms and conditions apply.

In addition, if you sponsor a clinic for your golfers taught by Geoff Mangum, a portion of net proceeds can be immediately credited to your Franchise -- Geoff teaches a clinic at your course and earns a chunk of your Franchise base fee for you, and you can get the PuttingZone Academy at greatly reduced expense to you! Now that's win-win!

Join this growing community of serious teachers today! Let's make 2008 one heckuva memorable year together.


All prospective franchisees are entitled under State and Federal Laws to receive specific mandated disclosures in writing about the details of the franchise offer. The information presented above is not intended as these required disclosures, and the required disclosures will be provided all interested prospective franchisees in due course prior to the exchange of any fees.

GET MORE INFO: Request a Letter of Interest form from or 336-340-9079. Now. :-)

For German Franchises, contact Andy Taylor, or call +49 177 687 1110.

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