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Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone Marketing Services offers new and veteran golf businesses assistance in cracking key marketing obstacles. Geoff has studied the art and science of putting more deeply and widely than any student in golf history. His survey of putter manufacturers is the most comprehensive on the planet, and his knowledge of training aids is unsurpassed. In the course of over twenty years of focused effort, Geoff has compiled the most comprehensive and complete collection of marketing-related resources and expertise for putting-related golf companies available anywhere.

For start-ups, get a ton of industry information, resources and contacts along with Geoff's valuable insights into common start-up problems and effective strategies. From prototyping and sample distribution to press releases and media campaigns to product literature to online putting tips and articles to sales tactics to internet presence and marketing to trade-show choices to informercial advice ... Geoff covers the full gamut of issues and problems with helpful insights, creative approaches, and practical resources. Geoff is here to foster and support innovation in golf, and that means business survival of the small, entrepreneurial companies. Ask for help.

For the veteran players in the golf industry, Geoff offers scientific and technical consulting about putter design, training aid design, proprietary research and testing, efficacy studies, and the relationship between teaching expertise and product design and development in a marketing environment -- all to make the corporate R&D department sit up and take notice of essential approaches for market and golfing success.

Some of the Companies Geoff has helped:

Steve Kaluzne's 1 Putt Golf School
Mark Hopkins' Atlantic Coast Golf Tour
Jeff Lindner's Balance Certified Golf
Chipper Bennett's Tru-Putt
Jim Thompson's Big Stakes Golf
Tony Piparo's Down the Line Putters
Dave Strang's
David Geier's Golf Inside-Out
Golf Vacations Ireland
Robert Linville's Precision Golf School
Clyde Melancon's Golf Just Like the Pros
Patrick Cohn's Peak Performance Sports
Roxor Putting Sunglasses
John Griffiths' Scientific Golfer
Andrew Rogers' Secret Science of Putting
Sven Wigerblad's The One Putter
Nicholas Middleton's Zen Oracle
John Thomas' Zivot Putters
3l Golf Argon Laser Putter
Aldo Enrique's Breakbuster Balls

Van Johnson's EZ Putting
Fuzzy Zoeller's Putting Peg
Scott Nichol's Golf IQ
Jim Brundage's iPutt Putting Pilot

Roy Cranman's MarkMender
Robert Buck's NeuView Glasses
Dean Thompson's Z-Factor Perfect Putting Machine
Mark Officer's Perfect Stroke
Larry Llewellyn's Putt Away Guide & Box
Vlad Gribovsky's Putting Stick

Stroke Builder


Glenn Palmer's Stroke Builder
Christian Marquardt's SAM PuttLab
Dr Chalupa's Tap-In
John Novosel's Tour tempo
Ed Opie's Breeds Confidence Putter
Celestial Putter
Alan Strand's Dandy Putters
Larry Weeks' Dead Straight Putters
Kramski Putters
Richard Ferris' Macro Putters
Mentor Sports Tech Putters
Ed Mitchell's Brass Cup Putter
Ontic Putters
Optix Golf Putters
Tim Durnin's Penneagle Putters
Bernt Stellander's Profound Putters
Alex Chou's Pixl Putter
Simon Moore's Puku Putters
Janis Zichmanis' Pure Pendulum Putters
Chuck Todd's American Putter
Jack Lynch's Ray Cook Putters
Jerry Korte's Yes Putter
Shaun Womersley's Eclipse Aid
Frank Maloney's EZ Putt
Alex Moore's Boomerang Training Aid
Wayne Williams' GolfTest USA
Jack Hansen Putting Super System
Jerry Korte's Proof Is in the Putting
Richard Heyl and Glenn Apple's Long View of Improved Putting
Matt Mandigo's Putt Like a God
Patrick Cohn and Robert Winters' Mental Art of Putting
Scott Myers' Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed
Mike Pedersen's Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide
Tony Piparo and Steve Kaluzne's Master the Art and Science of Putting
Todd Sones' Lights Out Putting
Darrell Mckissick's Target Putting
Tony Piparo's Kingdom of the Tiger
Dave Curry's Big Oak Putters
HA Templeton's Vector Putting
James Payne's Peoplewise Putting
Yvon Legault's Become a Putting Machine
Peter Schmidt's InPutt
Larry Garcia's Q-Roll Putters
Peter Pinter Putter
Puttomatic's Neck Putter Trainer
Gary Lister's Inseyed Putters
Pivot Putters

Maggie Connor's Ultimate Journey Training
Craig Blanchard's Competition 2000

Graham Fisher's Links Putt

Roger Brooks' True Plane Trainer
Bob Houlding's Just SinkIt
Peter Royce's Pro Putt
John Spina's Putting with Confidence
Bobby Giger's Sureputt Cup "The Little Hole"
Bob Montello Private Golf Coaching
Ted Sheftic Golf Schools
Adrian Fryer Golf
Damon Lucas Golf
Larry Stanley's Putting Edge
Rick Elmore's Trigger Golf
Joe Davidson's Simple Putting eBook
Bobby Eldrige's PurePoint Putting
Steve Madigan's Putt Lights Out
Chapman Golf's Putting Dragon
Mike Diley's Ego Putting Coach
Targaline Putting System
Walter Steen's Putt with Confidence
Robert Winters' Putting Genius
Eben Dennis' Short Game Mastery
Karl Morris' Putting Brain
Accuracy Putters
Duane Engdahl's Quantum Putters
Norman Lindsay's All-Topspin Putters
Trump Million Dollar Invitational


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