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PuttingZone Quiz

Are You Serious about Putting?

Skeptical Dr Einstein

(10 questions, 1 point each)

Objective: Score above 4 points!

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1. Have you heard of at least 5 of the following 20 people?

(Hint: They've all made ground-breaking contributions about putting through science in the last ten years. SOURCE:

Jean-Pierre Orliaguet J.P. Maxwell Joan Vickers Daniel Wegner
Brian Holmes Robert Woolfolk Debbie Crews Frank Werner
Yann Coello R.S.W. Masters Shane Murphy Richard Grieg
Dr. John Milton Tony Penner Richard Mullen Delphine Delay
Daniel Landers Cathy Craig Lew Hardy Sian Beilock

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2. What do Harold Swash and Bobby Locke have in common in putting technique?

(SOURCE: Swash videos and Bobby Locke on Golf (1953))

A. Nothing.
B. Both use extra long putters.
C. Both hook their putts.
D. Both deloft the putter during impact.
E. Both hit up on the ball.

3. What did Dave Pelz conclude about optimal putt "go-by" speed according to his July 1977 article in Golf Digest based upon the only research data he's ever mentioned in print?

(Hint: It's not what he claims he proved when he wrote his book Putt Like the Pros 12 years later in 1989. SOURCE: "Die your putts at the hole and you're dead," Golf Digest (Jul. 1977), pp. 52-55 and Putt Like the Pros)

A. 5 inches past the hole is best for all putts.
B. 17 inches past the hole is best for all putts regardless of grass type or condition.
C. Lumpy donuts surround golf holes.
D. From 5" to 40" past is best depending on grass type and condition.
E. The best go-by speed on bent greens is the same as for Bermuda greens.

4. What does Loren Roberts do with his wrists during his stroke?

(SOURCE: Roberts on Putt Speed)

A. Keeps both wrists firm at all times.
B. Allows both wrists to flex back and through.
C. Cocks right wrists going back and holds the angle.
D. Supinates on backstroke and pronates on through-stroke.
E. Forward presses and then keeps the bow in his left wrist.

5. Who is ranked as the number 1 putter on the PGA Tour for 2005?

(SOURCE: 2006 PGA Tour Putting Stats)

A. Tiger Woods.
B. Glen Day.
C. Stuart Appleby.
D. Daniel Chopra.
E. Phil Mickelson.

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6. What Putter Company features a "legal" adjustable-length shaft?

A. Guerin Rife Putters.
B. Yes! C-Grooves Putters.
C. Norman Lindsay Putters.
D. Floyd Bernhardt's Positive Putter.
E. Simon Moore's Puku Putters.


7. According to physics, what is the optimum ball speed at the lip for a ball to fall into the hole and not skip over, trading off need to overcome surface irregularities, keep hole wide, and minimize comeback length?

(SOURCE: Touch: Ball capture Physics and Optimal Delivery Speed, by Geoff Mangum)

A. 4 revs./sec.
B. 3 revs./sec.
C. 1 revs./sec.
D. 2 revs./sec.
E. 5 revs./sec.


8. What does the PGA Tour advise golfers about "accelerating through the ball" in putting?

(SOURCE:Michael Corcoran. The PGA Tour Handbook of Golf (1999))

A. Never decelerate during impact.
B. Always accelerate through the ball.
C. Don't - use a natural pendulum motion instead.
D. Accelerate through the ball on all short putts.
E. Make sure the follow-through is longer than the backstroke.


9. What is the name of the ONLY book ever written about green reading?

A. Doak and Crenshaw's The Anatomy of a Golf Course.
B. Trevillion's Missing -- Impossible.
C. Templeton's Vector Putting.
D. Low's Master the Art of Putting.
E. Strawn's Driving the Green.


10. Which three recent Masters Champs played all four rounds without a single three-putt?

(SOURCE: Augusta Chronicle )

A. Faldo, Singh, Weir.
B. Crenshaw, Olazabal, Woods.
C. O'Meara, Woods, Mickelson.
D. Faldo, Woods, Weir.
E. Olazabal, Woods, Mickelson.

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