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Video Clips of Putts & Good Putters Golfing

Damon Lucas' Setup and Stroke

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Gravity Touch

Bobby Locke Film Archive

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OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS 07 Jul 1938 Footage of golfers in the Open Golf Championships at Sandwich in Kent. 971.28 1.3 MB
SELSDON PARK, SANDERSTEAD 18 Aug 1938 A. D. Locke beats A. H. Padgham in golfing tournament at Selsdon Park, Sanderstead. 973.42 520 KB
ENGLAND vs SOUTH AFRICA AT WALTON 01 Aug 1938 England's Henry Cotton and Reggie Whitcombe beat South Africa's Bobby Locke and Sid Brews at Walton Heath, Surrey. 975.36 832 KB
SOUTH AFRICAN OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 27 Jun 1940 Bobby Locke wins a very windy South African golf championship. 1049.13 1.1 MB
1946 OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 07 Sep 1946 Shots of the 1946 British Open Golf Championship from St. Andrews. 2100.17 4.6 MB
COMMONWEALTH GOLF MATCH 23 Sep 1946 Devons given freedom of Barnstable + Indefatigable ensign to Holborn borough. 1410.16 4 MB
'OPEN' DRAWS WORLD'S TOP GOLFERS 07 Jul 1949 Scenes of various golfers playing at the British Open golf championship. 1417.12 1 MB
14 Jul 1949 Bobby Locke wins play off with Henry Bradshaw at win British Golf Open. 1417.28 1.6 MB
OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS 1949 Armitage, Rossi, Stranahan, Bulla, Van Donck at the Open Golf Championships. 2499.08 1 MB
OPEN GOLF FINAL 10 Jul 1950 The British Open Golf Championship is won by Bobby Locke of South Africa. 1476.01 1.3 MB
HOGAN WINS GOLF OPEN 25 Jun 1951 Ben Hogan wins Open Golf tournament. Oakland Hills, America. 1461.06 1.3 MB
SPORTS NEWS 12 Jul 1951 Open Golf Championships at Portrush, and Royal Regatta at Henley. 1463.24 2.3 MB
GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP - (REEL 1) 1952 Golf championship in progress, Locke speaking at the presentation. 2606.06 9.4 MB
GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP (REEL 2 ) 1952 Locke with Trophy, Faulkner signing autograph & golfers chatting & swinging during match. 2606.14 7.5 MB
"OPEN" GOLF OPENS 09 Jul 1953 Some of top golfers competing in the "Open" held in Carnoustie, Scotland. 102.12 1 MB
07Jul 1955 Personalities compete in golf - big annual event at St. Andrews. 533.09 884 KB
OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 06 Jul 1959 Gary Player wins Open Golf Championship at Muirfield. 1587.34 1.1 MB



Woodsical + Aids

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Four Days at Troon

Arnold Palmer wins the Masters Golf Tournament over Jack Nicklaus in 1964

Monday after the Masters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Youngsters Play in Pee Wee Golf Tournament Newsreel

Man putting on green with ocean + cliffs in background / Kauai

Golfer putting ball into hole on green then cheering

1940's woman watches men putting on green / country clubhouse in background / Atlantic City

Putt-Putt Nat'l Championships 2001 - Lynchburg, Va : Semifinals

Cheating Bear cartoon

Positive Putter 6 Points to Good Putting

Two at the Lip ball Entry

Standard Ka-Pow tempo

Loopy stroke

Psychological Accupuncture for the Yips (EFT): Watch Lynn Francis

Improving your putting with Cindy Pietrusik

Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk & Fred Funk

The Golf Channel Video Tip - Lag Putting (Frank Nobilo)

Repairing a ball mark with Fred Harkness

Kansas Putting Tips

Lag putting with Jim Leary

Digital Golf Instruction Center - Tennis Anyone?

John Jacobs Golf Schools - Golf Tip: Putting: Distance vs Direction

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Mel Sole -the-long-putt

Mel Sole -improving-your-putting-stroke/

Digital Golf School - putting

Leadbetter - Short game

Stockton - Putt to win

Stockton & Crenshaw - putting

Good Golf is Easy - putting

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USGA Rules & Decisions Videos

Turfgrass: The Science Beneath the Sport

Glen Amato, Video: Golf Lesson : Putting Technique from ExpertVillage

Young Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Amazing Shot

Tiger Woods 1st miss inside 3' in 2310 holes

Tiger Woods Marketing - Feature Story

Tiger Woods 4 Best shots

EA Sports Tiger PGA Tour 07 Pressure Gone

Tiger Woods ball-bouncing trick

Tiger Woods ball trick spoof

Tiger Woods Commercial Remake

Chrissy b shreds Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods owned

TIger Woods Sucks

Dutch Tiger Woods


Stop Missing 3 Footers and Lower Your Scores Fast! iPutt Stroke Plane

Macro Putter TV Commercial

MACS Putter Fitting System

Gary Bowers' 2-Way Putter Alignment Aid / Infomercial

Gary Carter's Wishbone Grip -- Demo Movie

Putt Trainer

Bob Burns Putt-Mark Putter

Odyssey Portable Hole-in-One Golf Practice Set

MarkMender -- "For the Good of the Greens" -- the best ball-mark repair tool, the fun way to repair the green quickly to heal fast. WATCH THE COMMERCIAL!

USGA Educational Video Clips

Welcome to the USGA's Green Section video and animation clips. Course maintenance is vital in attaining quality conditions. But many people don't know how it's done and why certain procedures are used to accomplish various tasks. The information below can better illustrate procedures while serving as an educational tool.

Typically, aerating a golf course is unpopular and generates lots of questions, but it is an essential practice for maintaining healthy turf and quality playing conditions. The following video clip provides insight about this imperative course maintenance practice.
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  Why Aerating A Course Is Vital


Hand watering greens is a necessary golf course maintenance practice for a number of reasons detailed in this video overview.
Windows Media Player
  The Necessity Of Hand-Watering Greens


Repairing Ballmarks High Bandwidth
Why Bunkers Are Not Consistent High Bandwidth
Bunker Etiquette High Bandwidth
Why Aerate Greens? High Bandwidth
Etiquette Toward Maintenance Personnel High Bandwidth
Watering For Healthy Turf High Bandwidth
Selecting Hole Locations High Bandwidth
Changing A Hole Location High Bandwidth
Trees On The Golf Course High Bandwidth
Divot Repair Etiquette High Bandwidth
Use Of The Stimpmeter High Bandwidth
Golf Cart Etiquette High Bandwidth
Frost Issues High Bandwidth
Making A Great Putting Green Surface High Bandwidth
TV Golf Versus Daily Play High Bandwidth
Environmentally Sensitive Areas High Bandwidth
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